Sunday, October 21, 2007

Clovis' big win and solid QB

Well, it looks as if Clovis is making a comeback in high school football this season. The Wildcats were up and down through six games with a 3-3 mark. But impressive come-from-behind wins against Cibola and Artesia have put the Wildcats back among the elite in Class 5A.

No longer is the talk simply about Las Cruces High and Mayfield. The Wildcats have solid running backs in Manuel Robles, Scott McMath and Derrick Phillips and an opportunistic defense that has made some huge plays the past two weeks in the team's two wins. Watch out for Clovis come playoff time, it's not the best Clovis team ever, but certainly one that has matured and grown into a danger.

Former Gadsden head coach Damien Ocampo has himself a very good quarterback at Socorro in Emil Matthews. The senior ran for 238 yards in Friday's 39-19 win against Hatch Valley. Matthews is a very intelligent player, who reads defenses well and makes good decisions. He's drawn interest from Army, Navy and Air Force and some interest from New Mexico and New Mexico State. He's a good enough athlete to play somewhere on Saturday's next fall.

- Felix


Wesley said...

In our fantasy league, Felix's team is like Clovis, a so-so record with some big upset wins; a threat come playoff time. Meanwhile, my team is like Cruces, rolling along in first place, little standing in my way. BTW, our two squads face off next weekend. Prediction: Felix feels the pain in Week 8.

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