Monday, December 28, 2009

Prep Basketball Scores, Dec. 28

Boys Basketball
Espanola Valley 56, Sandia Prep 50
St. Michael’s 56, Rio Grande 46
Clovis Tournament
Clovis 82, Los Lunas 51
Hobbs Tournament
McGuinness, Okla. 49, Albuquerque Academy 44
St. Michael, Ariz. Tournament
Gallup Catholic 68, Pinon, Ariz. 59
Many Farms, Ariz. 94, Pine Hill 35
St. Michael, Ariz. 70, Shiprock Northwest 44
VFW (Alamagordo) Tournament
Mesilla Valley Christian 67, Houston Memorial, Texas 59
Girls Basketball
Highland 56, Moriarty 42
Santa Rosa 65, Valencia 44
Goddard Tournament
Dexter 64, Loving 57
Robertson 53, Goddard 38
Roswell 42, Los Alamos 27
Ruidoso 45, Carlsbad 43
Las Cruces Tournament
Hobbs 49, Eldorado 47
Nike Tournament of Champions

Gallup 74, Green Valley, Nev. 59

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prep Football All-State, All-Stars

NMHSCA All-State Football Team
Class 5A
First Team
Tyler Kruger, Manzano
Ronnie Daniels, La Cueva
Patrick Smith, Hobbs
Brandon Betancourt, Mayfield
Richie Chavez, Clovis
Offensive Line
Andrew Anthony, Mayfield
Jacob Avalos, Las Cruces High
Dylan Sydenstricker, La Cueva
Tim Gutierrez, Manzano
Andrew Aguilar, Manzano
Adam Shapiro, Rio Rancho
Jeric Magnant, Rio Rancho
Andrew North, Clovis
Punt Returner
Jason Serda, Manzano
Zach Daugherty, Onate
Seth McVey, Sandia
Bobby Dearing, La Cueva
Defensive End
Jeremiah Willis, Mayfield
Brian Richards, La Cueva
Defensive Line
Matthew Ramondo, Mayfiled
Danny Drum, La Cueva
Willie Pounds, Eldorado
Jason Serda, Manzano
Collin Knee, La Cueva
Michael Hallock, Mayfield
Brock Baca, Mayfield
Second Team
Tyler Baker, Rio Rancho
Jordan Llamas, Manzano
Quran Wiggins, Clovis
Aaron Sandoval, Onate
Jeremiah Willis, Mayfield
Offensive Line
John Cachora, Onate
Danny Drum, La Cueva
Nathan Dederman, La Cueva
Jared Burns, Clovis
Charlie Casey, Carlsbad
Robbey Arrington, Carlsbad
Michael Hallock, Mayfield
Ronnie Daniles, La Cueva
Kick Returner
Jordan Ratliffe, Sandia
Wyatt Tharp, Mayfield
Brian Wilkinson, Manzano
Emery Sierra, Clovis
Defensive End
Matt Southard, Clovis
Kevin Howerton, Rio Rancho
Defensive Line
Richie Chavez, Clovis
Andrew Anthony, Mayfield
Josh Romero, Manzano
Marcus Dunning, Eldorado
Jason Sandoval, Onate
Jacob Galindo, Carlsbad
Jordan Hill, Clovis
Jordan Wade
La Cueva
Honorable Mention
Austin Hooker, Mayfield
Dwaundle Baker, Alamogordo
David Vargas, Cibola
Marcus Dunning, Eldorado
Seth McVey, Sandia
Offensive lineman
Kevin Howerton, Rio Rancho
Kyle Pannell, Las Cruces High
Ralph Romero, Cibola
Chris Salem, Manzano
Taylor Weary, Alamogordo
Kevin Reaves, Manzano
Michael Ellis, Mayfield
Tim Foley, Rio Rancho
Jake Pearson, Rio Rancho
Jose Garcia, Las Cruces High
Chris Defillippo, Cibola
Defensive End
Gary Maestas, Eldorado
Brandon Wade, Sandia
Defensive Line, John Cachora, Onate
Curtis Dixon, La Cueva
Mark Rael, Manzano
Nick Schnedar, Eldorado
Tim Foley, Rio Rancho
Jacob Nevarez, Las Cruces High
Dylan Myers, La Cueva
Andrew North, Clovis

North/South All-Star Teams
Class 4A/5A
Center, Zach Frohn, Aztec
Center, Andre Aguilar, Manzano
Guard, Tim Gutierrez, Manzano
Guard, Nate Diderman, La Cueva
Tackle, Dylan Sydenstricker, La Cueva
Tackle, Luke Jaramillo, Belen
Tight End, Ivan Luna, Bernalillo
Wide Out, Adam Shaprir, Rio Rancho
Wide Out, Jake Espinosa, Aztec
Wide Out, Hamilton Webb, Albuquerque High
Wide OUt, Jeric Magnant, Rio Rancho
QB, Tyler Kruger, Manzano
QB, Tyler Baker, Rio Rancho
QB, Armin Day, Eldorado
RB, Matt Sandoval, Volcano Vista
RB, Jordan Llamas, Manzano
RB, Tyler Hough, Farmington
DL, Danny Drum, La Cueva
DL, Curtis Dixon, La Cueva
DL, Mark Rael, Manzano
DE, Brian Richards, La Cueva
DE, Zeke Gonzales, Belen
LB, Seth McVey, Sandia
LB, Brian Wilkinson, Manzano
LB, Bobby Dearing, La Cueva
LB Sean Willis, Belen
DB, Collin Knee, La Cueva
DB, Jason Serta, Manzano
DB, Darrelyn McCloud, Manzano
DB, Marcus Dunning, Eldorado
Center, Jacob Avalso, Las Cruces
Center, Jared Burns, Clovis
Guard, Michael Grooms, Clovis
Guard, Kyle Pannell, Las Cruces
Tackle, Chris Clees, Goddard
Tackle, Andrew Anthony, Mayfield
Tight End, Bobby Rogers, Las Cruces
Tight End, Idriese Lytle, Goddard
Wide Out, Jose Garcia, Las Cruces
Wide Out, Robby Arrington, Carlsbad
Wide Out Jacob Zunich, Silver
Wide Out, Deven Nelson, Artesia
Wide Out, Taylor Weary, Alamogordo
QB, David Vega, Alamogordo
QB, Austin Hooker, Mayfield
RB, Danny Pardon, Deming
RB, Patrick Smith, Hobbs
RB, Aaron Sandoval, Onate
DL, Richie Chavez, Clovis
DL, Jon Cachora, Onate
DE, Jeremiah Willis, Onate
DE, Kyle Sundheimer, Artesia
DE, Matt Southard, Clovis
LB, Emery Sierra, Clovis
LB, Zach Daugherty, Onate
LB, Wyatt Tharp, Mayfield
DB, Michael Hallock, Mayfield
DB, Jacob Galindo, Carlsbad
DB, Ryan French, Goddard
DB, Montana Bencomo, Silver High

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big race at Sunland, Dec. 26

For you horse racing fans, there is a big race on Saturday, Dec. 26 at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino. The $350,000, Grade 1 Championship at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino will take place. It will be the 9th running of the Grade 1 event. There is a field of 8, including 2008 All American Futurity winner Stolis Winner and the very good New Mexico bred First Moonflash.

Stolis Winner has won 11 of 15 and is one of just three quarter horses to have won more than $2 million. He has to be the favorite in my mind with G R Carter aboard. If he gets a good break, he'll be tough to catch.

First Moonflash is a great horse and has won 13 of 24. He'll be right there with the very Alejandro Medellin aboard and I like him for second.

For third, I like the dependable Noconi, which has won 7 of 20 for veteran trainer Paul Jones.

Saturday's feature is slated to start at 1:37 p.m. and is race No. 4 on the 11-race card.

- Felix

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prep Hoops Scores, Dec. 21

Boys Basketball
Elida 68, Clovis Christian 34
Friona, Texas 41, Portales 36
Gallup 63, Farmington 41
Grants 57, Mesa Vista 51
Hobbs 87, Brownfield, Texas 49
Pojoaque 76, Penasco 58
Santa Rosa 50, Valencia 45

Girls Basketball
Elida 61, Clovis Christian 28
Kirtland Central 54, Los Alamos 39

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Short book review

Just finished reading a book that might interest high school football fans. The book is titled "Our Boys, A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center Redmen."
The book was written by New York writer Joe Drape.

A very good book about a very good high school team, the Smith Center Redmen in a small town in Kansas. The program is one of the tops in the state and carried a winning streak that drew national attention.

It's a book about a program with great tradition, a program which turns out good people and good players. Drape goes inside a season with a team that had some doubts as it entered its season, but by the end of the year, remained on top of its game.

The book reminded me of how important high school sports are and what kind of impact sports can have on people and a community. It also reminds me that high school sports can help build up people and give them confidence.

Every state has a few programs which are above others and enjoy great success. The Smith Center program is one of those and it's a program in which players current, past and future are involved in on a daily basis.

Smith Center could be like a Mayfield or Cruces High in many respects and thus I believe people reading this blog, players, coaches and parents alike, would enjoy it. THere are many great stories about the people involved in the program, so if you get a chance to read it, do so.

- Felix

District 3-5A football selections

All-District 3-5A honors
Offensive player of the Year
Aaron Sandoval Oñate Senior All-purpose
Defensive player of the Year
Zach Daugherty Oñate Senior Linebacker
Newcomer of the year
Jeremy Buurma Las Cruces Junior Quarterback
Name School Grade Selection
Jacob Avalos Las Cruces 12 1stTeam
Ricky Avelar Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Angelo Pacheco Oñate 11 HMention
Tyler Rodgers Alamogordo 12 HMention
Jesus Diaz Gadsden 11 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
Kyle Pannell Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Garrett Bennett Mayfield 12 1st Team
Dylan Ramirez Gadsden 12 2nd Team
Christian Trevino Oñate 12 2nd Team
Andrew Zapien Mayfield 11 HMention
Dakata Devine Alamogordo 12 HMention
Offensive Tackles
Name School Grade Selection
Andrew Anthony Mayfield 12 1st Team
John Cachora Oñate 12 1st Team
Zach Tingin Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Antonio Ortega Gadsden 10 2nd Team
Chris Todd Las Cruces 12 Honorable Mention
Tight Ends
Name School Grade Selection
Jeremiah Willis Mayfield 12 1st Team
Bobby Rodgers Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Zach Daugherty Oñate 12 2nd Team
Omar Selinas Gadsden 12 2nd Teram
Christian Harris Alamogordo 12 HMention
Wide Receivers
Name School Grade Selection
Michael Hallock Mayfield 12 1st Team
Taylor Weary Alamogordo 12 1st Team
Jason Sandoval Oñate 12 1st Team
Jose Garcia Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Gearen Hale Alamogordo 12 2nd Team
James Enriquez Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Josh Watson Las Cruces 11 2nd Team
Justin Black Mayfield 12 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
Austin Hooker Mayfield 12 1st Team
Brandon Roybal Oñate 12 2nd Team
Steve Minton Gadsden 12 HMention
Keellen Hester Alamogordo 11 HMention
Running Backs
Name School Grade Selection
Brandon Betancourt Mayfield 11 1st Team
Dwaundle Baker Alamogordo 12 1st Team
Xavier Hall Las Cruces 10 2nd Team
Matt Minton Gadsden 11 2nd Team
Robert Alvidrez Mayfield 12 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
Zach Hernandez Oñate 12 1st Team
Chris Carrasco Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Jacob Guerrero Gadsden 11 HMention
George Norwood Alamogordo 12 HMention
Defensive Tackles
Name School Grade Selection
Andrew Anthony Mayfield 12 1st Team
Matt Ramondo Mayfield 11 1st Team
John Cachora Oñate 12 1st Team
Kyle Pannell Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Zach Tingin Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Mannie Sanchez Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Robbie Trigo Las Cruces 11 2nd Team
Larry Hinajosa Mayfield 12 HMention
Jose Hernandez Oñate 11 HMention
Defensive Ends
Name School Grade Selection
Jeremiah Willis Mayfield 12 1st Team
Michael Ellis Mayfield 12 1st Team
Tony Covarubia Oñate 12 1st Team
Christian Harris Alamogordo 12 2nd Team
Tyler Gillihan Oñate 11 2nd Team
Bobby Rodgers Las Cruces 12 2nd Team
Gary Newell Alamogordo 12 HMention
Julio Sanchez Gadsden 11 HMention
Geoffrey Segovial Las Cruces 12 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
Wyatt Tharp Mayfield 12 1st Team
Zach Hernandez Oñate 12 1st Team
Jose Garcia Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Brock Baca Mayfield 11 2nd Team
Dante Ogaz Las Cruces 12 2nd Team
Travis Canello Alamogordo 12 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
Michael Hallock Mayfield 12 1st Team
Jason Sandoval Oñate 12 1st Team
Kiefer Payne Mayfield 11 2nd Team
Gearon Hale Alamogordo 12 2nd Team
Robert Alvidrez Mayfield 12 2nd Team
Xavier Armitage Las Cruces 12 HMention
Daniel Martinez Las Cruces 11 HMention
Name School Grade Selection
James Enriquez Mayfield 12 1st Team
Jacob Nevarez Las Cruces 12 1st Team
Taylor Weary Alamogordo 12 2nd Team
David Vargas Oñate 12 2nd Team
Chris Carrasco Mayfield 12 HMention
Justin Black Mayfield 12 HMention
Tanner ShoemakerLas Cruces 11 HMention

NM High School Basketball Rankings, Dec. 19

Prep Rankings
Class 1A
1. Cliff
2. Tatum
3. Springer
4. Des Moines
5. Fort Sumner
6. Quemado
7. Floyd
8. Reserve
9. Logan
10. Magdalena
Class 2A
1. Mesilla Valley Christian
2. Texico
3. Bosque
4. Santa Rosa
5. Tularosa
6. Penasco
7. Coronado
8. Mesa Vista
9. Rehoboth
10. Clayton
Class 3A
1. Hope Christian
2. Sandia Prep
3. St. Michael’s
4. Pojoaque
5. Robertson
6. Santa Fe Indian
6. Lovington
8. Wingate
9. W. Las Vegas
10. Bloomfield
Class 4A
1. Roswell
2. Espanola Valley
3. Academy
4. Los Alamos
5. Belen
6. Artesia
7. Grants
8. Volcano Vista
9. Santa Teresa
9. Capital High
Class 5A
1. La Cueva
2. Highland
3. Eldorado
4. Manzano
5. Clovis
6. Hobbs
7. Mayfield
8. Rio Grande
9. Rio Rancho
10. Valley
Class 1A
1. Cilff
2. Des Moines
3. Magdalena
4. Dora
5. Animas
6. Fort Sumner
7. Tatum
8. Floyd
9. Elida
10. Cimarron
Class 2A
1. Texico
2. Santa Rosa
3. Clayton
4. Mora
4. Navajo Prep
6. Tularosa
7. Rehoboth
8. Navajo Pine
9. Lordsburg
10. Ramah
Class 3A
1. Lovington
2. W. Las Vegas
3. Santa Fe Indian
4. Portales
5. Pojoaque
6. St. Mike’s
7. Robertson
8. Hope Christian
9. Socorro
10. Bloomfield
Class 4A
1. Kirtland Central
2. Roswell
3. Shiprock
4. Del Norte
4. Espanola Valley
6. Piedra Vista
7. Los Alamos
8. St. Pius
9. Volcano Vista
10. Capital
Class 5A
1. Eldorado
2. Sandia
3. Las Cruces High
4. Clovis
5. Gallup
6. Cibola
7. Valley
8. Cleveland
9. Manzano
10. La Cueva

New Mexico Prep Basketball Scores, Dec. 18

Boys Basketball
Albuquerque High 61, Del Norte 39
Clayton 59, Roy 33
Cliff 67, Lordsburg 36@Agate:Floyd 44, Tucumcari 41
Hagerman 60, Dexter 37
Hobbs 72, Mayfield 60
La Cueva 78, West Mesa 54
Manzano 61, Cleveland 53
Mesilla Valley Christian 54, Chaparral 25
Pojoaque 51, Kirtland Central 47
Portales 40, Muleshoe, Texas 35
Quemado 67, Ramah 58
Roswell 72, Lovington 46
Ruidoso 69, Artesia 58
Sandia 67, Los Lunas 49
St. Michael’s 69, Socorro 46
Taos 73, Raton 37
Tularosa 81, Estancia 51

Girls Basketball
Albuquerque High 52, Volcano Vista 40
Cleveland 56, Moriarty 13
Del Norte 45, Bernalillo 31
Deming 47, Alamogordo 46
Estancia 37, Escalante 32
Floyd 54, Tucumcari 30
Hagerman 53, Dexter 42
La Cueva 69, West Mesa 35
Los Alamos 41, Piedra Vista 39
Manzano 48, Rio Rancho 36
Mesilla Valley Christian 40, Cobre 33
Ruidoso 50, Goddard 35
Sandia 59, Gallup 58
Santa Rosa 67, Zuni 58
Shiprock 62, Espanola Valley 44
Socorro 61, Pojoaque 48
Valley 69, Rio Grande 57

Sunday, December 13, 2009

NMSU apparently shows some interest in EP player

Looks like the New Mexico State could be interested in El Paso Montwood cornerback Josh Coward. He was a two-year starter at DB for the Rams and had seven interceptions as a junior and three as a senior. He also had 36 receptions as a senior.

- Felix

Saturday's Prep Hoops Scores, Dec. 12

Boys Basketball
Bosque School 64, Coronado 36
Hobbs 68, Abilene Cooper, Texas 45
Hope Christian 81, Los Alamos 54
Monte del Sol 56, Desert Academy 51
Moriarty 62, Valencia 60
Post, Texas 46, Tatum 42
Volcano Vista 65, Socorro 44
Artesia Tournament
EP Burges, Texas 69, Deming 60
Third Place
Carlsbad 71, Goddard 41
Fifth Place
Roswell 74, Artesia 41
Cloudcroft Mountain Top Tournament
Cliff 75, Quemado 40
Grants Tournament
Grants 60, Pojoaque 50
Lake Arthur Tournament
Artesia JV-B 51, Corona 28
Carlsbad JV 61, Artesia JV-A 59
Hondo 59, Lake Arthur 49, OT
Jesus Chapel 51, Vaughn 37
Moriarty Tournament
Rio Grande 68, Farmington 54
Girls Basketball
Capital 60, Belen 44
Estancia 43, Crownpoint 38
Floyd 35, Elida 33
Hope Christian 33, Los Alamos 32
Logan 54, San Jon 21
Logan 69, Clovis JV 41
Lovington 58, Los Lunas 27
Magdalena 62, Tularosa 36
Miyamura 60, Sandia Prep 18
Roswell 41, Albuquerque High 27
Santa Fe Prep 37, St. Michael’s JV 27
Vail Cienega, Ariz. 55, Hobbs 47
West Las Vegas 57, Thoreau 42
Artesia Tournament
Ruidoso 64, Denver Lincoln, Colo. 43
Silver 55, Dexter 41
Third Place
Carlsbad 57, Artesia 51
Grants Tournament
Espanola Valley 35, Pojoaque 34
Piedra Vista 46, Wingate 35
Lake Arthur Tournament
Corona 40, Jesus Chapel 23
Hondo 45, Mesilla Valley Christian 35
Lake Arthur 33, Vaughn 18
Ruidoso 60, Artesia JV-A 24

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday's Prep Basketball Scores, Dec. 8

Boys Basketball
Artesia 65, Dexter 31
Cleveland 83, Los Lunas 65
Clovis 69, Dumas, Texas 36
Gadsden 72, Deming 43
Hope Christian 64, Bernalillo 16
Mayfield 61, EP Chapin, Texas 59
NMMI 55, Hagerman 48
Roswell 64, Portales 26
Girls Basketball
Alamogordo 42, Goddard 37
Cibola 60, Highland 25
Dora 60, Clovis Christian 12
La Cueva 50, Volcano Vista 35
Las Cruces 53, EP Chapin, Texas 42

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Danny "Little" Red Lopez and boxing Hall of Fame

Former world featherweight boxing champ Danny "Little Red" Lopez was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame on Tuesday. What a great honor for a great champion and fierce competitor.

He won 42 of his 48 fights and engaged in several great fights, including a win over Mike Ayala in 1979 and a win over David Kotey in Kotey's home country of Ghana.

Lopez is also well-known for his two hard-fought losses to Salvador Sanchez. Lopez was a hard puncher and loved to compete against the very best. Lopez had a great will to win. He was in a great deal of demanding fights and obviously won more than his share of his fights despite facing plenty of trouble in several of the fights he was in.

Many young people don't remember Lopez, but believe me he was worth watching. He was all action, all the time.

- Felix

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday's Prep Football Scores, Dec. 5

Saturday’s Scores
Class 5A
La Cueva 31, Mayfield 14
Class 4A
Goddard 28, Belen 21
Class 3A
Lovington 28, Socorro 21

Column on Sunland Park Racetrack

By Felix Chavez
El Paso Times — It wasn’t long ago that Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino was merely an afterthought on the national radar.
Sure it had its local traditions, familiar names to the area and some decent racing.
But the track had little appeal to it on a national basis. But a commitment to the sport by the state, the racetrack and the owners and trainers has made the racetrack the premiere spot in the state to watch a race and it is now a player on the national level.
On Thursday, the Sunland Derby, which is the featured race during the meet, was granted a Grade 3 status. For the average fan, what does that mean?
It means the $800,000 race, which ranks as one of the nation’s richest Kentucky Derby prep races, will attract a very good field and will likely send its winner to the 2010 Run for the Roses.
Over the seven previous Sunland Derbies (formerly the WinStar Derby), the race has drawn some big-name jockeys (Garrett Gomez, Pat Day, Victor Espinoza), high-profile trainers (Bob Baffert, Doug O’Neill) and credible horses (Mine That Bird, Kelly Leak, Thor’s Echo).
But until Mine That Bird’s run to the winner’s circle at this past spring’s Kentucky Derby, the Sunland Derby had not found enough support to earn a graded race.
With the addition of the graded standing, owners and trainers can now point to the Sunland Derby as an important step to the Derby and not just a race to come in and run for the monetary value of the race.
We’ve seen the likes of O’Neill and Baffert enter horses in the Sunland Derby. Now, it won’t be out of the question to see the likes of Todd Pletcher, Bill Mott or Richard Mandella send one or more horses to Sunland Park.
Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino officials have worked hard to make the Sunland Derby mean something to the racing world and with Thursday’s announcement that it had earned graded earnings, the hard work finally paid off.
There might be some who believe that a graded status doesn’t mean much for the local contingent at the racetrack, I’d have to disagree on that point.
Because the Sunland Derby has finally earned that next step in becoming a national player, the consistent and longtime performers at the Sunland track can take some pride in helping the New Mexico track become a major player in the world of horse racing.
The past several racing seasons have produced some extraordinary moments at the Southern New Mexico track, many of which will never be forgotten.
But now the track has a chance to make even greater memories and with a graded race, it has a chance to become not only a consistent player on the national scene, but a force to be reckoned with.

Felix Chavez can be reached at; 546-6374

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's Prep hoops scores, Dec. 1

Boys Basketball
Deming 68, Hot Springs 53
Hope Christian 73, Eldorado 63
Mesilla Valley Christian 65, Hatch Valley 30
Volcano Vista 58, Albuquerque High 56
Girls Basketball
Carlsbad 62, Goddard 17
Gallup 80, Los Lunas 17
Piedra Vista 73, Bayfield, Colo. 42