Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big wins by LCHS, OHS in football action

Las Cruces High proved Friday night it will be a huge factor in Class 5A football once again on Friday night, winning at Manzano.
The Monarchs had already beaten La Cueva, a team which beat Las Cruces High.

The Bulldawgs needed the win at Manzano to build confidence. Earlier this season, LCHS blew a lead against La Cueva and lost at home. And the Bulldawgs lost to El Paso El Dorado in the season opener by a decisive score, but head coach Jim Miller said after that game that his team would be back and it is. The team has done a good job of getting back to work and correcting some problems. Kudos has to be given to running back Xavier Hall, the younger brother of NMSU football player James Hall Jr. Xavier has given the team a spark and was a huge reason for the team's win on Friday.

Meanwhile, Onate won't get pretty points for its win against Sandia on Saturday. But the win could go a long way in securing a playoff spot in Class 5A. The Knights should be 5-1 headed into district play and at worst case should be 7-3 at the end of the regular season. Last year, the Knights lost several games they needed to win, not so much this year.

OHS must continue to find consistency on offense as the season wears on.

Any thoughts?



Anonymous said...

Well, I think you've nailed it on both counts Felix.
'Cruces has a very talented group that only saw mop up action last year when the game was already well in hand.
They're learning to play at varsity speed.
They'll be there come playoff time.

Onate is still learning how to win, they're very talented as well, with a ton of experience at the varsity level. They just need to learn to put teams away.

After watching them on Saturday, if they take care of the ball, it's 40-13 or thereabouts.
At least 3 red-zone turnovers cost them.
All 3 local teams, and even Alamogordo should make noise in the playoffs this year.

Anonymous said...

I live in San Antonio, Texas and I see a lot of good high school football in this city and in nearby Austin. I want to say that Las Cruces and New Mexico prep football just gets better and better every year. I know for sure that teams like Mayfield, Cruces and Manzano could compete with the best of the best here in Texas.

There are some other uneducated idiots on Teddy's blog that are knocking the prep talent in Las Cruces and NM and it annoys me. People there in Las Cruces should be more proud of the local talent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of uneducated idiots.

Anonymous 8:36 AM is right on cue.

Mayfield is good this year, but last I checked, this isn't a smack forum for underachieving uneducated Mayfield freshmen knuckleheads to come and spout off about their big brother's team.

Reasonable discussion among mature minds goes out the window when these Mayfield folks bring their drivel on here.

Get over yourself and support all the kids.

Oh, and my dad can still beat up your dad.

Anonymous said...

To all the Las Cruces High School football fans, we should be proud that our 3 schools are doing well again this year. It's not just one better than the rest, it is all of them competing at a very high level and performing like we all like to see. Hopefully it will be an interesting year and possibly the 3 teams can get to the semi-finals and push for a big southern football team final and shut up the north again as usual. As they say, the way to the championship is through Las Cruces NM. Good luck to all the kids.

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