Sunday, November 29, 2009

Damien Ocampo coaching state title game

Of note, former New Mexico State and Western New Mexico quarterback Damien Ocampo will be coaching in a state championship football game this weekend. Ocampo is the head coach at Class 3A school, Socorro, which will will meet Lovington for the title.

Ocampo also served as a head coach at Gadsden High School a few years back. He comes from a strong family of coaching. His brothers Simon and Aaron are coaching and his father is also a veteran coach.

Ocampo has always had confidence in what he can do and he's apparently done some very good things at Socorro to get that school in line for a title.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

good job damien, he is a good coach and is good with the kids. just had a raw deal at gadsden. good luck.

Anonymous said...

I always like him. I was at State when he was there, I thought he was a better talent than KC. Good luck to him

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time picturing a good program being built down at Gadsden.
Ocampo, Johnson, and Hite are all good, quality coaches. None have had any luck turning it around down there.
I think NMAA should actually take a new look at how they classify schools like Gadsden, Deming, and the other schools that have high populations because of kids from mexico coming over.
Those kids don't usually participate in sports, they have to get home before sundown to stay alive.

Anyway, Congratulations and good luck to Damien!

Anonymous said...

Coach O'Campo has done a nice job. He had his back to the wall at Gadsden because of Lowenberg... who wanted nothing to be successful at Gadsden after Lowenberg left and Lowenbergs buddy did not get the job. The football program at Gadsden is the best district in football in the state with the best coaches... football will not be a winner... to many one sport wanders and non sharing of athhletes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix:

When did you leave the Las Cruces paper?

Felix said...

I've been gone from LC since after the spring championships in May.


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