Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Danny "Little" Red Lopez and boxing Hall of Fame

Former world featherweight boxing champ Danny "Little Red" Lopez was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame on Tuesday. What a great honor for a great champion and fierce competitor.

He won 42 of his 48 fights and engaged in several great fights, including a win over Mike Ayala in 1979 and a win over David Kotey in Kotey's home country of Ghana.

Lopez is also well-known for his two hard-fought losses to Salvador Sanchez. Lopez was a hard puncher and loved to compete against the very best. Lopez had a great will to win. He was in a great deal of demanding fights and obviously won more than his share of his fights despite facing plenty of trouble in several of the fights he was in.

Many young people don't remember Lopez, but believe me he was worth watching. He was all action, all the time.

- Felix