Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vasquez

Well, it look as if Israel Vasquez has nothing left. On Saturday night, Vasquez was destroyed in less than three rounds by Rafael Marquez in a featherweight bout. The first three fights were very competitive, but on Saturday Marquez cut Vasquez, then pounced on him to even the battle at 2-2. But Vasquez should retire, while Marquez bought himself more time for his career.

- Felix

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Anonymous said...

I said it back when you posted the original article, this fight should have never taken place to begin with. Alf said that it did because they were fight of the year caliber fights, but it was a no win situation. Israel won the series 2-1 and it should have stayed at that. This was Vasquez' signature series, no his legacy takes a beating, simply because he took one. Marquez takes on because he lost 2 fights to someone he dominated, and cant really claim this win if Vasquez does and should retire, then he pounded someone past his time. Each of these guys should have taken a step up and fought someone else.