Thursday, April 24, 2008

De La Hoya/Forbes

Next Saturday, Oscar De La Hoya takes on Steve Forbes in a mismatch that De La Hoya is using as a tune-up for his September rematch with Floyd Mayweather, but what does De La Hoya have to prove? He's beaten the world's best and he's got more money than he'll ever need. But De La Hoya believes he still has something to prove and he's bound and determined to leave boxing on a positive note.

People might believe that he's greedy and just wants another few paydays. De La Hoya is simply a competitor and he always wants to be the best he can be.

But one does have to wonder if another matchup with Mayweather will be any different. De La Hoya says he's learning still and his reunion with trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. could prove dividends in the rematch.

De La Hoya has faded in key fights against the younger Mayweather, against Shane Mosley (twice) and was stopped by Bernard Hopkins on a vicious body shot.

But De La Hoya will go down as one of the best of our generation and you have to respect him for wanting to take on the best. His rematch with Mayweather likely won't get 2.4 million buys, but it will still do well.

Boxing has been revived in the past 16 months because of great fights and because big names such as De La Hoya still exist. Without him and his promotional company, it's hard to believe where the sport would be today.

The May 3 fight with Forbes is nothing more than a glorified sparring session, Forbes is a smaller fighter and shouldn't bother De La Hoya much. The real question is what does De La Hoya have left. We might not find out until September, but the fact that De La Hoya is getting a tuneup before that fight is big. In previous years, De La Hoya has taken fights without a tuneup and that has hurt. Maybe this time, it will be different and he can use the Forbes fight as a plus.

- Felix


Wesley Snipes said...

I heard you were talkin' 'bout me! I hope you know I'm not gonna save you from vampires in the future.

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