Saturday, May 23, 2009

Abie Han win

El Paso junior middleweight prospect Abie Han won a solid six-round decision on Thursday night against Ibahiem King of Florida.

Han trains is Las Cruces and is now 4-0 in his young career, while King was 6-0 entering Thursday's fight. Han isn't afraid to take on the best in his division and I applaud him for taking on another unbeaten fighter this early in his career. Han is a strong fighter, he's quick and he picks up things quickly.

Han could just have easily taken on a fighter with lesser skill and won easily. But in King, he took on a fighter with a decent punch, Han apparently got rocked a little bit and was also cut.

Han will be be better for his fight with King and he earned a great deal of respect. Hopefully, Han will continue to get more fights on a regular basis. He was having trouble landing fights, but he's had two fights in the last three months.

- Felix