Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two-Deeps for NMSU football

Sorry it took me so long to post this, but here is some two-deep info on the NMSU football team.

Jeff Fleming or Trevor Walls
Tonny Glynn or Marquell Colston
Brandon Perez
Ronald Opetaia
X Receiver
Todd Lee or Will Bullock
F Receiver
Marcus Anderson
Sina Shabazz
Z Receiver
Julius Fleming or Marcus Allen
Y Receiver or tight end
Kyle Nelson
Ronny Torres
Left Tackle
David Norman
Kyle Smith
Left Guard
Joe Palmer or Chuck Taylor
Mike Grady
J.R. Saulietis
Right Guard
Seioli Fakalata or Mike Yocius
Right Tackle
Joe Suder or Patrick Blount

Defense End
PIerre Fils
Justen Alford
Defensive LIne
Kawika Shook
Vincent Fedrico
Nose Tackle
E J Cannon
John Finau
Defensive End
Donte Savage
Justin Adolpho
Sam Linebacker
Jamar Cotton
Sam King
Mike Linebacker
Ross Conner
Numi Lolohea
Will Linebacker
Jason Scott
Dawan Nolton
Davon House
Ben Bradley
Chris Buckner
Jonte Green
Strong Safety
Junior Fasavalu
Alphonso Powell
Free Safety
Stephon Hatchell
Michael Zantt

Jordan Davenport
Kyle Hughes


Anonymous said...

Best guess? Spring game starters? Coaches interviews?
What is your source?

Anonymous said...

Devon Houston?
You mean D- House, right?

Aggie007 said...

ditto anon 4:02,

Good to see Sina Shabazz catching on at receiver. Another Shabazz becomes an Aggie.

Anonymous said...

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