Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hector Camacho Jr.

Last week I interviewed Hector Camacho Jr. for a story in the El Paso Times. Camacho Jr. is the son of former champion Hector Camacho and has done well for himself with 49 wins as a pro. He takes on Yory Boy Campas on Oct. 30 in the Don Haskins Center.

The elder Camacho was was of the greatest fighters to come out of Puerto Rico. Here's my five favorite Puerto Rican fightes.

1. Miguel Cotto
2. Felix Trinidad
3. Edwin Rosario
4. Wilfredo Benitez
5. Hector Camacho

Any thoughts from you boxing fans?



Anonymous said...

The Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry is the best in boxing history those are great Puerto Rican boxers. Here is my favorite Mexican fighters.
1. Julio Cesar Chavez
2. Salvador Sanchez
3. Ricardo Lopez
4. Juan Manuel Marquez
5. Genaro Hernandez
6. Marco Antonio Barrera
7. Eric Morales
Margarito would be up there until we found out he is a cheater. As far as favorite boxers Mexican-Americans are my favorite with DeLa Hoya my favorite and Fernando Vargas coming in second. It is going to be fun to root for local talent when they get national exposure. I believe that Austin Trout will be a world champion and my favorite fighter because he is home grown.

alf said...

Camacho Jr. Vs. Yory Boy? Ugh. I hope the undercard will be higher quality than the main event.

Anonymous said...

Cotto over Tito? Really? Tito was on top of his game, considered by many at his time to be one of, if not the best pound for pound. No one ever said the same about Cotto. He was always good, the Margarito fight will always bear a question mark, but he looked bad against Clottey and in my opinion would round out the bottom of that list.

somebody said...