Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr.

17 years after fighting for a middleweight crown, Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins will meet on April 3 in a rematch. Both fighters have gone on to Hall of Fame careers, but both fighters are at the end of their careers, especially Jones, who was stopped in the first round of his last bout.

While there seems to be more lucrative fights out there for Hopkins, he's always wanted another chance at Jones.

For you fans out there, what are your thoughts on this fight and who will win?



Anonymous said...

Danny Green isn't exactly a tomato can but he would have been the one to see the canvas in Roy's prime.

That said Hopkins should win by KO. Roy is done and it hurts me to say that because he was one of my favorite fighters. It should only last as long as Bernard wants it to. I heard its PPV which is a joke, there's no way I'll pay to watch it.

alf said...

15 years too late. Jones is beyond finished, Hopkins still has quite a bit left. No way Jones makes it to the final bell and if he does it's just because Bernard decided to make it a boring, take absolutely zero risk fight.

I'm a hard-core boxing fan, but I agree that there is no way I will fork out my hard earned money for this joke of a fight.

Anonymous said...