Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big win for Escalante, Roman shows toughness

El Paso featherweight Antonio Escalante earned a hard-fought victory last Friday night vs. Juarez fighter Mickey Roman. Escalante was quicker and stronger, but it no fluke that Roman gave him fits.

Escalante knew it would be tough, but he trained hard and got the much needed win to stay atop the world rankings. Meanwhile, Roman showed why he was a hot prospect coming out of Juarez. He certainly had his moments in the fight and earned much respect from ringsiders.

Now, Escalante must move forward and hope he gets a world title shot. He's ranked highly at 122 and 126. What is the best matchup for him? It's going to be up his promoter Oscar De La Hoya. Hopefully, Escalante either gets a title shot this summer or fights a highly-ranked contender on a pay-per-view show.

Meanwhile, Roman probably earned himself another shot against a good fighter and perhaps a rematch with Escalante down the road.



Anonymous said...

GREAT fight; good sportsmanship by both; Both fighters as well as the crowd won this one. Both fighters advanced their careers. Very probable--the fight of the year.

alf said...

I agree, it was a beautiful fight. Roman showed a much better chin than I thought he had. He gave Escalante all he could handle plus a little bit more.
Both guys should be able to move on to bigger paydays after this, but I hope they both take some time off and recoup a bit, maybe even take a tuneup type fight for their next fight.

Anonymous said...