Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball/Softball 5A Polls, March 31

1. La Cueva
2. Eldorado
3. Carlsbad
4. Rio Rancho
5. Onate
6. 6 Mayfield
7. Hobbs
8. Las Cruces High
9. Cibola
10. Sandia

1. Las Cruces High
2. Cibola
3. La Cueva
4. Rio Rancho
5. Valley
6. Carlsbad
7. Mayfield
8. Sandia
9. Onate
10. Eldorado


Anonymous said...

What the Las Cruces on top???

Anonymous said...

Onate #5. We beat them here in Alamo and their coach ran them to the ground like a sore looser. How can they be #5 after we beat them

Anonymous said...

FYI the boys run after every game win or loose...and u didnt beat them..u won 1 out of 2 games that many errors did u have that first game????

Anonymous said...

We would of won that first game also if our guys would of not made so many errors. #5 I do not think so, not even good enough to make state this year. And yes every team runs after each game but not with a SORE LOOSER AS A COACH. Give us some credit

somebody said...