Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vasquez

Boxing fans get ready for Rafael Marquez/Israel Vasquez IV. On May 22 in Los Angeles, the two featherweight boxers will do battle once again.

Boxing fans know this rivarly as full of blood and guts and everything that makes the sport both brutal and so rightfully engaging.

Vasquez owns the series lead having won 2 of 3. All three fights were closely fought and with a brutality that made some in the fight game not want to see these two fight again.

But Vasquez and Marquez, both among the best fighters in the world, wanted to make this fight happen. It's the true warrior in them to see who is the best.

Many of the boxing fans I now were wondering if these two fighters would fight each other again. The two fights have been taxing on both of them. Vasquez has been healing from detached retina surgery and Marquez has fought just once like Vasquez.

Yet, these two will get at it again and why not. These two are legends and have done much good when inside the ring and you have to respect their skill level and their desire to take on the best.

The 25 rounds these two men have fought have been pure savagery in a weirdly beautiful way. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict a Marquez victory to even out the score, but whoever wins and whoever loses is still a champion in my mind.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

What happens if Marquez wins? Marquez vs. Vasquez 5? I know boxing is in trouble but showcasing the same two over and over again isn't helping, it shows the weakness in the sport. Let these guys go after the others in their division. Neither of these guys are top 10 in the rankings. Work you way up the rankings, the only way there should be one more is if it's 1 vs. 2.

alf said...

The reason these two guys are fighting again is because all three of their previous fights have been fight of the year caliber fights. When you put these two in a ring together you're going to get a good fight, irregardless of belts or titles or rankings. That's what people want to see, good, competitive fights between two guys who always bring it, not boring fights for useless titles or rankings.
Having said that, these two guys have beat the hell out of each other and I'm not sure how much each guy has left. The winner will be whoever has more left in the tank.

Anonymous said...

Why no updates on the super 6 this weekend? Dirrell vs. Abraham. The top 6 super middleweights face off round robin style.

Anonymous said...