Monday, June 1, 2009

The Koerper's

Jason Groves wrote a solid story on Kristoffer and Joe Koerper that will run in the June 2 paper.

Both were very good players for Onate High School and both will give it a try on the collegiate level at New Mexico State. But first up is a trip to California for a Wooden Bat league.

Joe just capped his high school career last month, helping lead the Knights to the 5A semifinals. Joe improved as a hitter during his senior year, spraying the ball around the field more often it seemed. He has solid power and if he can handle collegiate pitching next spring, he might have a chance to crack the NMSU lineup.

Kristoffer is an interesting story in his own right. He was a very good prep player, then went on his Mormon mission and hasn't played in a couple of years. He'll have to regain form this summer, but if he can do it, then the Aggies will have found themselves quite a player. Kristoffer originally signed with Brigham Young out of high school and he too was a very good high school player.

Both guys have a lot of experience as players and it's going to be interesting to see how they can transform their game from the high school level to the college game.

- Felix