Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lobos do it again

Well, well, well, what a shocker, the University of New Mexico lands a commitment from an in-state football recruit. The most recent commit was Onate High's Zach Daugherty, who will be a senior in the fall at OHS. Daugherty plays middle linebacker for the Knights and he could very well play there in college. He's a good athlete, who plays the game with a great motor and with great passion. Daugherty joins several New Mexico players, including several Las Cruces kids, who have decided to make the trek up north.

Once again, New Mexico State fails to make the right connection with a local in-town kid for whatever reason. The school can give whatever reasons it wants to, but again the Lobos prove they have the better attraction, the better football program and what ever it does in terms of recruiting in-state kids continues to work.

Daugherty has a chance to make waves down the road as a player because of his abilty to be a play-maker. But first up is his senior season at OHS, where he has a chance to put the Knights on the map in Class 5A.

- Felix


Anonymous said...


So what about his comments that he wants to establish his independence and get away from home? Do you suggest that the Aggie coaches should move the University far enough away that he can be away from home?

When i went to college, that was one of my priorities. I wnated to be far enough away from home that I would be independent, yet clsoe enough that I could get home for a weekend if I wanted to. I didn't go home much, but I could have.

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Coach Walker will and is doing fine in getting instate athletes for the Aggie football program...and it will get better with time.

Anonymous said...

felix your an idiot. why dont you just go back to ABQ where your from so you can love on the lobos. its getting old already. it seems as if every chance you get you rag on your home team. get a job at the tribune (oh wait they probably dont want you!!!)

Jason Groves said...

Anon, at 1:48, When I spoke with Zach, I had the feeling that his desire to branch out was genuine. I think Walker will eventually start to land his share in-state players and Las Cruces area kids, but at this point, how can we blame them. They actually see the field up North. Chris Hernandez is a starting receiver and from talking to Freddy Young a month ago, there is a good chance that both Young and Nathan Enriquez will see the field a lot at corner. I still think that if Walker and the Aggies want to land the few DI prospects that New Mexico has to offer, beat UNM and they will come here

Anonymous said...

NMSU is still feeling the Hal Dumme effects!

Coach Samuel did his fair share of landing local kids.
Then Dumme came around and turned his back on local kids/ community!!

Coach Walker is doing a heck of a job repairing the damage but, it doesn't happen over night.

Give him a year or two and he will change the mindset around here!


Anonymous said...

Coach Walker will get it done. It's not like the Lobos have dominated the Aggies with their wins. Each game for the past couple of years has been very close with a few dumb mistakes here and there the Aggies should have been on top. With Walker's defensive philosophy we will soon be the top dogs between the three schools. If we had some sort of backing from the state we would get more money to help with our facilities like the Lobos. We are making small strides, but it still is not fair how money is distributed by the State for these two programs.

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