Saturday, May 24, 2008

All-District 3-5A Baseball

Ariel Perez, Onate
Nathan Enriquez, Mayfield
Doran Jones, Las Cruces High
Steven Florez, Las Cruces High

Vicente Fernandez, Onate
Alex Mendoza, Gadsden

Joe Koerper, Onate
Gaby Taney, Onate
Abe Tarin, Onate
Randy Montoya, Onate
Freddy Young, Mayfield
Luis Quinones, Mayfield
Nathan Enriquez, Mayfield
Jacob Lilley, Las Cruces High
Abraham Casillas, Gadsden

Isaiah Dominguez, Mayfield
Patrick Moreno, Mayfield
Tress Diaz, Las Cruces High
Dante Daro, Las Cruces High
Eric Dorton, Alamogordo
Paul Stewart, Alamogordo

Designated Hitter
Junior Garcia, Mayfield


Anonymous said...

Diego Rodriguez from Mayfield was one of the top two or three pitchers in the district. I think he should have made it. Look out for him next year as he was only a sophomore this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow does everyone make all district.

fran said...

Great Job Steven - we are so proud of you!!! Nina, Tio Jerry and Phillip

somebody said...