Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mayfield wins track title

Mayfield takes boys district title
Sun-News report
The Mayfield boys track and field team won the District 3-5A track and field championship on Saturday in Alamogordo.
The Trojans scored 158 1/2 points, followed by Alamogordo with 136 1/2 points and Oñate with 76. Gadsden was fourth with 44 points, while Las Cruces High was fifth with 30.
Spencer Faubion won the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles. John Caldwell was second in the 100 meter and 400 meter events.
Seth Gilpin won the mile and was second in the two-mile run. Billy Quigg won the javelin, while Kyle Tiemann was second in the discus and the javelin. Andy Correll was second in the shot put, while Brandon Maurer won the pole vault.
On the girls side, Alamogordo won the district title with 176 points, followed by Mayfield with 148, Oñate with 170, Gadsden with 45 and Las Cruces High with three.
Jenna Banegas won the 100, Amanda Hand was first in the pole vault, Tina Apodaca won the 300 meter hurdles and Cassie Goff took the javelin.
Becca Rudisill was second in the long jump, Sierra Lawson was second in the triple jump and Mia Herrera was second in the 3,200 meter run.
The Onate boys were led by Gary Sanchez, who finished first in the 3,200 meter run and second in the 1,600 meters and Tim Young, who was first in the triple jump and high jump.
Jonathan Allen was second in the high jump and was also part of a medley relay team with Jonathan Murray, Miguel Garcia and Paul Bruns that took first.
On the girls side, Adriana Cueto was second in the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles, Jennifer Marshall was second in the high jump and Jade Brown took first in the shot put.


Anonymous said...

Your bias is showing through Felix.
Don't get me wrong, it's good that you cover Mayfield, but just for a little bit of trivia on a sunday night...

Question #1
Did you know there was a school on the east mesa?

Question #2
Who is the 3-5A district champ in baseball?

Question #3
How about softball???

You gotta put away your old letter jacket Felix. How long ago was high school?
All we want is balanced coverage for all three schools. That would be a good start!

Anonymous said...



You are doing great job. i a have seen you at many Onate games.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Oñate has gotten more coverage this year in baseball and softball, etc. What messes up the coverage is when there are late games that don't make the newspaper deadline.

Anonymous said...

So why shouldn't Felix report what is deserved from those schools/students that have worked so hard to become winners? They should be recognized because afterall they prevailed and worked as a team, didn't they? Felix there is no bias, you are just reporting it, as it is. Some people are just JEALOUS and you'll never satisfy everyone, anyway.

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