Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chaparral boys hoops hire

The hire of Steve Heredia to lead the Chaparral boys basketball program heading into year No. 2 of varsity action was a good one.

He's been around high school basketball for nearly 10 years and has done a variety of jobs from coaching freshman to scouting to be a varsity assistant.

Chaparral needs a coach with energy and unrelenting commitment. Heredia wanted to be a head coach and he plans on going full force into his new job.

It's going to take time for Heredia to get everything done the way he wants it, but Heredia has been around and he has seen how things can get done and how they should be done.

Chaparral is an interesting job because it's so new, there are new facilities and one has to wonder just how much talent is in that area.

But it was a good hire by the Lobos and if they give Heredia time, there's a good chance he can deliver a winner.

- Felix


Proud Parent said...

We are Proud to have you in our school and community. Thanks for all you hard work, dedication and believing in our kids. Hopefully we will have you for a long time. Good Luck in the Season, we will be their to cheer you guys on. GO LOBOS!!!!!

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