Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The great Alexis Arguello dies

In a tragic event, the great Alexis Arguello died on Wednesday in his home country of Nicaragua.

Arguello was one of the greatest fighters of any era. He won 82 of his 90 bouts, 65 of them via knockout. He was a great fighter at both junior lightweight and lightweight. He was involved in two great fights with Aaron Pryor in addition to his wars with Ruben Olivares, Bobby "Schoolboy" Chacon and Ray "Boom Boom Mancini".

He also won titles in three weight classes. Arguello was a great champion, he was a great tactician in the ring and he always fought the best of the best. To beat fighters like Chacon and Olivares was a true accomplishment because those two guys were great fighters. He also beat a game Cornelius Boza-Edwards in his career.

Arguello was a hero not only to his many fans in Nicaragua, but he was a hero hispanics and fight fans all over the world. He was a gentlemen and he respected people. I met him one time several years ago at a fight card and he was gracious as ever with people.

When Arguello fought, it was time to stop and enjoy watching a tremendous fighter, whose skill level was as good as anyone at the time.

- Felix