Saturday, June 21, 2008

All-State Softball

New Mexico High School Coaches Association All-State Softball Team
First Team
Melissa Martinez, Cibola
Sandra Serna, Sandia

Valerie Swedberg, Cibola
Shelly Ripple, Rio Rancho

First Base
Desandra Cordova, West Mesa

Second Base
Julie Santilanes, Rio Rancho

Third Base
Latinna Eltsosie, Cibola

Mariah Faifer, Sandia

Audrea Buendia, Carlsbad
Evelyn Mirabal, Onate
Julie Santillanes, Rio Rancho

Second Team
Antoinette Diaz, Onate
Allie Carrigan, Carlsbad
Stacy Caldwell, Rio Rancho

Amy Mora, West Mesa

First Base
Nicole Garcia, Onate

Second Base
Christina Romero, Carlsbad
Jordan Yuen, Onate

Third Base
Desirae Ceniceros, Las Cruces High
Gabrielle Vallejos, Los Lunas

Latainna Eltsosie, Cibola


Anonymous said...

No Honorable Mention? Las Cruces High is must have been a fluke.

Anonymous said...

It's very obvious that most of the votes come from Albuquerque. When three out of the top four teams come from the South. But most of the choices come from Albuquerque. Doesn't say much for the integrity or intelligence of the Albuquerque coaches. Maybe they should come play in the Southern NM Tournament?

Anonymous said...

This is very true. I just don't get how there was one girl who made 1st team for 2 different positions, then how another girl made 1st team and 2nd team. Oh and for the person who wrote about the Albuquerque votes, it's true though, the high schools here in Albuquerque are way better than the ones down south. Truth hurts. Sorry bud.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, but didnt SOUTHERN teams place HIGHER than all of the northern teams except cibola their the ONLY northern and even alburquerque team that has room to talk. so maybe you should listen to yourself when you say: sorry bud. truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

i think i deserved this, thank you very much. i worked hard to get where i did. i sense jealousy?

somebody said...