Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good showing by the South

The South had a strong showing this weekend in the 4A/5A North/South All-Star baseball series at Apodaca Park, winning the series 2-1.

The North came in with the likes of Nolan Snell, Cory Lamont, Ryan Reynolds and Anthony Haase on the mound, but gave up nine runs on Friday night in Game 1 and 13 in Game 2.

The South seemed to play with a little more energy and intensity this weekend and they were very good at the plate.

The South got solid showings this weekend from the Carlsbad duo of Daniel Martinez and Jonathan Rodriguez. Martinez hit the game-winning, 3-run homer on Friday night and Rodriguez, who is a future New Mexico State baseball player, wrecked havoc at the plate.
Also, Goddard's Chris Trujillo was solid on the mound in the Game 2 win, limiting the North two runs and striking out eight.
Goddard's Jeremy Kirk hit the ball well, as did Mayfield's Isaiah Dominguez and Deming's Mikey Haime.

I was most impressed with the North's Kyle Henke, who went to school at Piedra Vista. Henke hit the ball hard every time he was at bat. Farmington's players also did well, particularly Chris Coleman and Jon Mestas.

Overall, it was a good series and some of the state's best certainly played well at times in the 33rd Annual Series, which the North leads 18-15.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Isaiah Dominguez is a great player and has been very consistant over the last three years. I enjoyed watching him play. Does anyone know if he is going to be playing at the next level?

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the Optimist Club and Bob Olgas for thier work organizing the North/South Games;
I was impressed with the facilities and all who were involved. Being from Farmington where the city does everything (Parks and Rec) it is impressing to see the volunteer system in action.
(Farmington Parent)

Anonymous said...

All of our local boys did a great job. They came out to play and to win!! MHS had 4, OHS had 2 and LCHS had 1 players. Out of the seven you would think that one might me going to NMSU to play Baseball. Each of the boys had a stong fan support. That is what NMSU needs. By picking up one of the players the stand would fill up. Good job boys you all did a great job! Isaiah, Tito, Freddy, Arial, Nathan, Gabby, and Tress Good Job and good luck!

Anonymous said...