Friday, June 13, 2008

Austin Trout

It appears that Las Cruces junior middleweight prospect Austin Trout will get a big break next month.

The 14-0 Trout appears to have landed an ESPN2 fight on July 9 in Houston, Texas, perhaps against 9-0-2 Byron Tyson.

Trout has been patiently waiting for an opportunity like this. Trout is a strong fighter with good skill and speed. He's been fortunate enough to have landed some work with the likes of Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley in between fights and he's been able to use that has a valuable learning experience.

But Trout is mature enough and a good enough boxer to take his career to the next level. If Trout can look good and defeat Tyson, who knows what looms ahead. There are some good fighters at 154 and Trout is one of those fighters. Trout just hasn't gotten the recognition on the national level that some others have.

Don't be surprised if Trout makes a big leap onto the national scene in the next 12-18 months. When Trout is motivated and in good shape, he's every bit as good as some of the top 154-pound prospects.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

All Austin needs to do is find himself a good manager and promoter. I feel as though he will become a world champ. If he continues with the same people he is with right now he will not get anywhere. He is New Mexico's talent. Support him he is going to be great!!!!

Juice said...

Trout is a talented work of art. He has speed and agility that can take him higher than the next level. New Mexico's Talent will sky rocket soon. He will make a break and have all of our attention. Wait and see what he can become.

Just A Friend/Supporter said...

Trout is a very talented fighter, i am proud to say that i have watched some of the best fights watching him, in those zebra shorts. He is going to go very far but he needs to get out of Las Cruces, he needs introduce himself to the world as the great boxer that he is. He is going to be one of the greats just wait and see. And don't sleep on that Shabazz guy either.

Anonymous said...

Austin makes boxing look beautiful and easy! I love TROUT NO DOUBT XOXO

somebody said...