Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico in boxing

Next month in Las Vegas, Nev., Mexico's Antonio Margarito and Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto battle for welterweight supremacy.

There have been several big fights between Mexico and Puerto Rico in the history of sport.

Here are a few of my favorite matchups over the years:
Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Edwin Rosario
Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Hector Camacho
Salvador Sanchez vs. Wilfredo Gomez
Felix Trinidad vs. Yori Boy Campas
Wilfredo Gomez vs. Carlos Zarate
Wilfredo Gomez vs. Lupe Pintor

How about you the fans?

The Cotto/Margarito clash has the chance to be another great one because both fighters are talented, experienced and are capable of handing the other a defeat. Nothing would surprise me in this matchup.

- Felix