Sunday, July 27, 2008

Antonio Margarito's big win

Wow, wow, wow. In what was billed as a potential Fight of the Year candidate lived up to that potential on Saturday night when Antonio Margarito beat Miguel Cotto in the much anticipaed welterweight fight.

Cotto was good early on, but Margarito was patient and eventually wore Cotto down and stopped him in round 11, handing Cotto his first loss.

Both fighters landed big shots, Margarito was too strong and too much will to lose.

If you missed the fight, HBO will replay the fight next Saturday night before the Zab Judah/Joshua Clottey welterweight clash.

So what's next for Margarito? There are any number of possibilities. One is a rematch with Cotto or maybe a fight with Oscar De La Hoya? Whatever happens, Margarito will definitely make big time money in his next fight and with a win against Cotto, his legacy will grow up all fight fans, especially Mexican fight fans.

- Felix


Infamous Chuck said...

I thought that Cotto was out willed, outsmarted, and most important outclassed. His will was broken, he was exposed and he eventually gave up.

Based on what happened Saturday night, I don't think that Margarito should give Cotto a rematch, because I don't think that he did anything to earn a rematch. Margarito needs to look for bigger and better deals, and cash in now while he still can.

Anonymous said...

What is grat about this is our own Austin Trout was a sparring partner for Margarito in the past he has seen what it tkaes to be champ, and in the end I feel as though he be champ. Oscar is one of my favorites of all time I hope he fights Margarito, and leaves Pacquio to Marquez.If Pacquio doesn't keep running from him like he has.

somebody said...