Friday, July 18, 2008

Birmingham making a statement

Since University of New Mexico baseball coach Ray Birmingham took over the job last year, he has been confident of success at the school.

And in year one, he coached the program to the Mountain West Conference Tournament championship series.

The future looks bright for Birmingham, who coached New Mexico Junior College to a JUCO national title.

He has promised to field a solid team and he's promised to do so with New Mexico talent. So far, he's lived up to that promise. He's got two Las Cruces players, Ryan Honeycutt and Daniel Gonzalez, on the way. Plus Farmington's Edwin Carl and Moriarty's Ben Gonzales are signed for next year. Plus, El Paso pitcher Gabriel Aguilar was signed for 2009.

Birmingham obviously knows the state really well and he's committed to winning at UNM with New Mexico talent and that's a refreshing attitude.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

yes he has made a promise and as a new mexican i hope they do well. but you cant win solely on NM talent. the level of the game in NM is far behind most states. so i think in the long run the NM kids will hinder his chances to become an elite program. he didnt win at NMJC with alot of NM kids. thats for sure. there were some but most were from everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Think about it, there are quality baseball players in NM. If NMSU would recruit some local kids that would surely provide better attendance at games and increase the revenues. This would allow the NMSU coaches to travel across town and watch our local talent. NMSU baseball thinks they are too good to recruit locally. Look at their records, they stink and the coaching staff should have been released years ago.

Anonymous said...

to the new mexican who does not think there is much talent in NM. First of all by the way you spell you did not play D-1. 2nd he is just not going to get any local kid who plays ball. At NMJC he had Lily who came out of Las Cruces and he proved he could play at the next level. Good for him he signed with NMSU. These other two locals have also proven they can play at the next level and both have awards to prove it.

Anonymous said...

do not count coach birmingham out of any compititon.

Anonymous said...