Monday, July 14, 2008

Onate boys basketball coaching update

I've learned of at least one candidate who will receive an interview for the vacant Onate High School boys basketball job.

Former New Mexico Highlands head coach and New Mexico State assistant men's and women's basketball coach Greg Berry will interview Tuesday morning.

The Knights are looking for a replacement for Richard Robinson, who resigned last month.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Nothing personal against Coach Berry, but he won 1 game in two years at Highland against very ordinary competition.
I don't even know the man, so I'm not judging him, but Onate needs to hire the best possible candidate for their basketball program.

Anonymous said...

amen to that!!!!!!
I think the new principal is heading in the right direction he wants to win and he is a sports man. He knows winning in sports, and what it can do for the rest of the school with building pride and class.

Anonymous said...

I like his outlook regarding sports.
In a nutshell, he says the sports programs are the front porch, and if those are attractive, the students will want to come inside.

Meaning that with strong sports programs, strong academics will certainly follow, along with other things such as school pride, strong extra-cirricular activities outside of sports (ROTC, bands, drama, etc..).

Onate loses too many of their own to the other schools in town because of the lack of school pride.

Anonymous said...

i have also heard him say if i dont think your program is heading in the right direction you will be gone. That is what has been lacking at our school for a long time.

somebody said...