Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aggies/Lobos recap

The New Mexico State Aggies fell to 1-2 on the season after a 35-24 loss to New Mexico on Saturday night.

Again, the NMSU defense struggle against the run, allowing nearly 300 yards on the ground. The defense was effective in the third quarter in slowing down the run. A key pass interference call against NMSU with the Aggies leading 24-16 hurt the team. The Lobos took advantage of the call, scored and cut the lead to 24-22 and the rest is history.

I don't know what NMSU can do to get better against the run. From my perspective, it's hard for NMSU to simulate game action in terms of physical play because the Aggies are a spread team and aren't as physical in practice as others. So when the game happens and you play physical teams, it's tough to play that type of game.

You have to give the Lobos credit for coming back from a 56-14 loss last week to Tulsa and for surviving an early 14-0 deficit against NMSU.

The Aggies got some solid play from their receivers once again, but it wasn't enough to offset the Lobos, who controlled the clock with 38:54 of possession.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

The defense did an admirable job for as long as they were on the field. The offensive game plan was simply horrible. Why do we continue to run in the middle of the line for little or no gain for most of the game! We had a really nice drive in the third quarter mixing up short passes and moving Hollbrook out of the pocket. Then we go back to running up the middle on our next series and put our tired defense right back on the field. We should have won tonight but were outcoached again!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Mumme era is almost over...and soon it'll be the start of the Glen Mason era

Anonymous said...

We had them on the ropes and let them get away.
Give UNM credit, they took our best shots and didn't panic. They stayed patient and with there game plan.

After the game Mumme said he was out coached.
Isn't this the 2nd or 3rd straight game against UNM where he admits getting out coached by Rocky Long?!
You have to feel bad for the kids.
Mumme is not putting them in a position to be succesfull

0-4 against UNM is not going to help his end of year evaluation.

Are we a Bowl team?
Were not even the best team in the state, much less the WAC!

There is still a lot of FB to be played but, this was a golden opportunity gone bad!

Anonymous said...

The Defense has it's issues but keep in mind, it's a new system, the kids are still learning it, and JL Dunn still doesn't have the proper personell.

Aside from this, the "D" has gotten better and performing admirable under the circumstances.
They made some stops in the last two games but, they are spending way too much time on the field!!

The biggest issue is the inconsistent offense.
They show up in spurts and then dissapear.
They take no time off the clock to let the defense get some much needed!!

We are still un-defeated inconference play but, I hope both improve soon.

Anonymous said...

The LoBlows had 39 minutes to pound away at the Aggie defense.IMHO,Mr Mumme doesn't give much of a rat's behind on ball control on offense-18 rushes?-c'mon!! A time consuming drive or two in the second half would have made it a whole different game-this team simply isn't deep enough talent-wise on defense to be out there that long this early in the season.Keeping Chase & Co. on the sidelines will ALWAYS be an opponent's best defense!!!

Anonymous said...

Mumme was outcoached, here's the deal, we cant run the ball, plain and simple. If we stick to our strength and continue to torch the secondary like they did when they passed, then the defense pays for it in t.o.p. If we try to run, it results in a 3 & out so the d ends up on the field anyway. These trick plays and shovel passes dont work, especially when we run straight up the middle. With Porterie out and Ferguson out most of the game, it should have been an easy win for State. Hal doesnt know how to beat Rocky.
Forget Glen Mason, we need to bring in Rocky!

somebody said...