Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nebraska, what a great place

What a place it is on Game Day in Lincoln, Neb. Beginning several hours before game time, fans were tailgaiting, asking questions about New Mexico State and just getting ready to watch their beloved Cornhuskers.

Around the area of Memorial Stadium, there were team flags of the other Big 12 schools, there were cars with various Nebraska stickers on their cars and near the stadium there was a tribute to former coaches Bob Davney and Tom Osborne.

The Tom Osborne facility is a beautiful building. It houses a weight room, trainingn room and other offices.

There was a piece on former New Mexico State player T.J. O'Leary in of the papers here this week. He was a deep snaper at New Mexico State in 2004 and is now doing the same for Nebraska.

There has always been talk of the great passion of Nebraska fans have for Nebraska football. That's no lie. Fans are passionate, there was a great deal of talk of the game the past two days on the radio and around Lincoln.

In the press box there are photos of former greats, including former New Mexico State assistant coach Rich Glover, a standout defensive lineman for Nebraska and former All-American.

- Felix

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