Friday, September 12, 2008

NMSU/Nebraska Football

If the New Mexico State Aggies are going to be successful in their college football season opener against Nebraska, some things will have to happen.

The Aggies must hit Nebraska in the mouth early on in terms of offensive success. Nebraska has played better defense so far this year, but remember the Huskers gave up lots of yards and points last year. The Aggies need to put some points on the board and see if they can make Nebraska start wondering if some of the problems of last year are still around.
Nebraska lost a key defensive player in end Barry Turner last week and we'll see if that will hurt them this week as it tries to put a great deal of pressure on NMSU quarterback Chase Holbrook.

The Aggies also can't give up a lot of rushing yards to Nebraska. The Cornhuskers had just 99 yards rushing last week and against NMSU's 3-man front, don't be surprised to see the Cornhuskers try and get their running game on track.

Special teams are also a key for the Aggies. They must convert on any field goal attempts and help the defense out with good punts asnd kickoff coverage.

- Felix