Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Former Gadsden football coach lands job

Former Gadsden head football coach Carlos Lowenberg has landed a job at Anthony (Texas) High school as the teams head coach.

He was at Gadsden High from 1997-2003. He's also a longtime head coach in El Paso. The hire isn't a bad one for Anthony HS. Lowenberg is a career football guy and he's a solid coach who is a proven winner. And it sounds like he's motivated to get back into coaching and do a good job.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Carlos, things will be better at Gadsden High School with him gone

Anonymous said...

You will not see to many tears shed over him leaving. Anthony Texas loss is Gadsden Indep. School District gain. He was put in by the good old boys should have been removed when they were.

Anonymous said...

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