Monday, July 13, 2009

George Foreman III

There is a good chance that George Foreman III, the son of former heavyweight champ George Foreman could fight on a Las Cruces card at the Pan American Center on July 31. Stayed tuned. He is 1-0 as a pro.

Also, Las Cruces bantamweight Sammy Di Pace could be on the card.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Will Austin Trout be on the card? He is a up and coming rising star and a role model to many in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs when we consider as a role model an individual who has just been arrested for burglary. I certainly hope that is not the model for behavior that the previous poster desired to be followed.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?
I hope he fights and gets a good local turnout.

Anonymous said...

According to the article online it's going to be a Boxing/MMA mixed bill, is that right? Isn't there different rings in the two sports? Are we going to see Little George in an octagon? It takes a while for a ring to be setup. I dont think they can tear down and build another in between fights, what are the logistics here? The PAC cant hold both rings on the floor. This seems like a disaster at the gates waiting to happen. Most hardcore fans of either sport, don't like the other.

somebody said...