Friday, July 31, 2009

South wins again in football

In the history of the New Mexico High School Coaches Association All-Star football contest, the South normally dominates the North in the 4A/5A game.

On Friday night, it was no different. The South beat the North 35-17 at Wilson Stadium.

Former Las Cruces High quarterback Dante Caro threw two touchdowns and ran for one, former LCHS running back James Hall Jr. ran for two touchdowns, former LCHS receiver Jacob Lilley caught three balls and also made all five extra point attempts.

Former Mayfield standout Matt Flores caught a 15-yard touchdown pass, former MHS running back Jacob Ceniceros caught a pass for 39 yards and former MHS DL and FB J.D. Ordunez had a sack and a solid run late in the game.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Can you add where, if anywhere, each of the players mentioned in the post are scheduled to go to college?

Felix said...

Dante Caro is headed to New Mexico, James Hall Jr. is headed to NMSU and Matt Flores will head to New Mexico State as a walk-on. The other two will be on scholarship.

- Felix

Anonymous said...

Hey felix how about updates on ex-Aggies in NFL camps. It would be great to hear some news on them.

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