Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prep Soccer

The New Mexico Activities Association would like to announce that the 2009 NMAA State Soccer Championships will be held at the Albuquerque Public Schools new soccer complex, November 5-7.

The four-field complex is located just west of Voclano Vista High School on Albuquerque’s west-side. All four fields at the APS Soccer Complex have lights and are artificial turf. (See attached photos).

NMAA Executive Director Gary Tripp said, “The New Mexico Activities Association is excited to host the 2009 State Soccer Championships at the new APS Soccer Complex. Albuquerque Public Schools have done a wonderful job building a facility that will be utilized and enjoyed by the athletes of New Mexico.”

The 2009 State Soccer Championships first round will be held at home sites, prior to the quarterfinals, semifinals and championships being held at the APS Soccer Complex.

For additional information pertaining to this announcement, please contact Robert Zayas, NMAA Assistant Director and Director of Communications, at 505.977.5386 or


Anonymous said...

How much more of a home field advantage is Albuquerque going to get. All teams from here will play on natural grass and then play on a much faster artificial turf that all the northern schools will be used tp playing on. Why is everything in Albuquerque?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Albuquerque will have much of an advantage with these fields, first they are way too small for High School soccer, teams with a higher skill level will have trouble adapting. Secondly there is not nearly enough space for team supporters, especially for the Sate tournament, I believe this will be a problem and will discourage fans from attending; the complex in Bernalillo had loads of parking and this was still a problem during tournaments.
Even though this West side complex is very attractive to look at, I feel people who really know the game and the logistics should have been involved in the planning, and it seems they were not.

Anonymous said...

PS3 backwards compatibility to PS2 games gone for good...

somebody said...