Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antonio Margarito situation

I have to agree with California's decision to suspend welterweight Antonio Margarito for one year after illegal wraps were discovered on his hands before a loss last month to Shane Mosley. The commission’s decision will likely be upheld in other states.

Even if Margarito didn't know the wraps were illegal, he is part of the problem and should know what is going.

I don't even believe he should be able to fight anywhere in the world until next year. What happened was a disgrace to the sport and will forever tarnish Margarito's career. He is a good fighter without help, but the decision by his trainer to do what he did is reprehensible.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Hey Filex what exactly was the problem with the wraps?

Felix said...

Anonymous, apparently his trainer added extra padding to give him more power. Mosley's trainer had a good eye and questioned the padding.


Anonymous said...

Tito's dad would stack tape and gauze it would be very interesting to see exactly what Antonio's trainer was wraping with or what they concider extra padding that would make the wraps give him more power.
short of using any solid substance wraps are mainly for protection althou they can be made or (the pad rolled tight) to become very hard once taped.
Most wrappers do this for the lighter weight boxers to try and give them any edge they can except for most heavy weights where the wraps are more for cussion concidering the differance in weight and power of the heavy weights where the pads wouldnt be or shouldnt be as hard.This is a very interesting subject but also very sad for the boxing fans and supporters.
Example David Rodrigez a heavy weight with an incredible amout of power would put you to sleep with 1punch there for an extra hard pad would be dangerous for his hands concidering the impact he can deliver could damage bones.
Boxers like Trout,Vasquez,Dipace,and Han would'nt have this kind of power but with the speed and elusiveness hard pads would be to their advantage where heavy shots from odd angels would be the way to go I really dont think the pads make a real big differance just offer more protection for the knuckles and wrist unless the trainer is sneaking in some sort of solid substance under the pads.nun the less this is very sad Margarito is a very good boxer (I think our champions from Cruces are better I'LL always stand by Cruces boxers no matter what)and hope this issue turns out for the better

Anonymous said...

I remember Moselys corner saying it was a hardening substance. So when the wraps got wet from the sweat and water in the corner, they would continue to get harder and harder. Making his punches more devastating. Either way Tony couldnt hit Shane, so would it have really mattered? I think it's a problem but look at Shane himself, he was one of the Balco poster kids, and no one talks about it. All tony needs to do is wait and come back win a few fights and everyone will forget about it.

Anonymous said...