Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Mexico State football signees

Sorry for the late post anonymous, but I've been working on stuff all day.

But New Mexico State head coach DeWayne Walker is happy with his class of 22, which includes four grayshirts, yes grayshirts, which means those guys will join the team next January.

The defensive line and offensive line was a main focus for coach Walker’s first signing class as head coach. The Aggies signed four defensive linemen and four offensive linemen. Also signing with the team were five defensive backs, three wide receivers, three running backs, two quarterbacks and one tight end to round out the signing class.

One of the quarterbacks is JC transfer Jeff Fleming. The 6-foot-4 Fleming is expected to compete right away for the starting nod. True freshman Tanner Rust is also coming, but Walker is hopeful he doesn't lose him to the MLB draft this summer.

Walker is high on incoming freshman receiver David Quiroga and junior college receivers Marcus Allen and William Bullock and he said junior college defensive backs Lorenzo Caldwell and Jonta Green will get chances to play immediately.

One grayshirt will be California running back Reuben Thomas, who Walker said could play in the PAC-10. Some teams may have backed off because he does have to get some work done in the classroom.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Felix, I was not expecting 22 recruits in one month, that's amazing. I'm excited to see how this team comes together. I cant wait until Coach Walker has a full year to recruit some talent.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the list of signees, I think it is a strong class. It was frustrating to see opposing teams wear down the defense last year. There just weren't the big bodies for the defensive line. It looks like that will be better next year. Let's hope they can play ball.

What happened with Arvell Nelson? He committed, but isn't shown as signed. Nor was he on the list of those who would be graysirting.

I am pleased Coach Walker and his staff were able to attract some well-regarded guys. I think it is important for the Aggies to do well nest year, or his cache that coming from UCLA gives him may wear off and make it hard to repeat the recruiting success.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see a new QB come in, someone with more versatility than Holbrook. Tanner Rust looks really good in his recruiting videos. He looks like he can really run and create during broken plays.

Anonymous said...

A very good recruiting class and what a difference from the previous regime!
The staff is approachable and wants to be part of the community.
I think we have the right people leading our program in the right direction.

So James Hall was going to be a grey shirt, huh?
Seems like you were more interested in giving UNM/ Caro props then getting the JH situation right.
You did a lousy job with this story, Mr. Aggie beat writer!

Anonymous said...

What did happen to Nelson? He was one of the "3-star" recruits and was listed as one of the better athletes in the class?

Coach Walker said James Hall was the "face of this class", but he didn't sound too optimistic about Hall getting on the field right away.

I think it was a smart move and another way of him trying to reach out into the community. Hall could be a good change of pace guy, and pop out from behind some big OL for some good gains, but do you see him as an every down back?

INFO said...

ARVELL NELSON......2/5/09

Texas Southern coach Johnnie Cole may have found his version of the “Fantastic Four” on Wednesday, as the Tigers netted a quartet of Division I transfers that should provide firepower for Cole’s HOBO (High Octane, Big Play) Offense.

Quarterback Arvell Nelson (Iowa), offensive tackle Ernest McCoy (LSU) and receivers Ricky Dixon (LSU) and Chip Gregory (Arkansas) will be expected to contribute immediately for an attack that showed flashes of potential last season, with Nelson getting an opportunity to fill the vacancy left by the departing Bobby Reid.

Anonymous said...

why is jeff fleming not listed on the aggie roster? there something going on with his transfer?

Anonymous said...

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