Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mayfield's Matt Flores staying home, other notes

Looks like Mayfield High's Matt Flores will stay home and walk-on to the New Mexico State football squad.

He played tight end on the defensive line as a senior. The 6-foot-3 Flores visited Eastern New Mexico last weekend.

Also just of note, NMSU signee, James Hall Jr. finished with some very impressive numbers at Las Cruces High. His 76 touchdowns are the first all-time in school history and his 4,775 yards rushing were 2nd all time in state history.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Umm, I think I'd have to argue with the TD record Felix. I played with a back by the name of Isaac Gomez who had something like 49 touchdowns in just one of his 3 years on varsity - not sure what his total is, but I'm sure it's got to be close to 90 career TD's!

Anonymous said...

That is good to see Mayfield kids have strong have done well at NMSU. Any other walk ons that we know about?

Anonymous said...

That is good to see Mayfield kids have strong have done well at NMSU. Any other walk ons that we know about?

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix,
Good job on reporting that James Hall was going to be a grey shirt a couple weeks ago.

Wait how can he be a grey shirt if Coach Walker calls him, "the face of the program."

Admit it, you weren't even trying when you said JH was grey shirting, right?
Yet, you were bashing all of us because for Caro/ Unm thing.

Move back to Albuturkey you freakin loser!!

Get Over It said...

Wow, yet another post on greyshirts and caro. Cant you get past that?

Is there anyword why A. Nelson isnt listed as a recruit/walk-on?

Felix said...

Anonymous, thanks for the loser comment, that's a step up from what I've been called in the past.
Walker did want to grayshirt him, but changed his mind. Again, thanks for the loser comment, you are a class act.

Anonymous said...

Good Choice Matt. Glad to see that you have good insight regarding your future. Good Luck. Looking forward to seeing you on the field and contributing in the future. GO AGGIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your decision Matt. I think NMSU will be a good fit for you. Coach Walker seems to have some good things in store for his program. Best of luck to you. Can't wait to see you on the field. GO AGGIES!!!

Mr. Fri said...

Hey Anonymous,

It's really easy to hide behind a false name, or better yet, be anonymous and snipe at Felix. At least have the backbone to sign your "loser" diatribes.

Keep up the good work Felix! I appreciate what you have done for the local high school sports scene, especially for us here at Mesilla Valley Christian! You are appreciated

Anonymous said...