Monday, February 16, 2009

NMSU football

New Mexico State football coach DeWayne Walker will hold spring practice March 30-April 28.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I know the Spring game is on 4/25.

What are the exact practice dates and will the practices be open to the public?

Anonymous said...

Will they still be going to Gallup?

Anonymous said...

During the Signing Day party, the coaches mentioned they were done with "camp gallup."

Apparently, it's to expensive and no one ever saw how it could help the team get more wins.
The team got "soft" in the damn process!!
Mumme made them a bunch of patsies!

I can't blame the new staff.
If we want a tough team, keep them in town and run them like crazy up "A" mountain when it's 110 degrees!
That will toughen them up!!

Go Aggies!!

Anonymous said...

can anyone shed some light as to why jeff fleming is still not listed on the roster?

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