Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prep Baseball Previews

With the high school baseball season fast approaching, I am putting together some team outlooks from around the state. Some coaches have responded already and we'll begin a look at the Mayfield today.
Last year, MHS went 20-9 and finished second in District 3-5A with a record of 9-3. The Trojans won their first round playoff series against Cibola, then fell to Rio Rancho in the quarterfinals.
The Trojans a lot of good players from last year's squad, including Nathan Enriquez, Freddy Young and Tony Soto, all key factors at the plate and in the field.
But MHS has been one of the state's top teams in recent years and hopes it can continue that in 2009.
Among the key returnees for the Trojans are senior pitcher/outfielder Michael Ormseth, outfielder/designated hitter Jordan Bernal, cathcer/DH Diego Rodriguez and pitcher/3B Javier Ybarra.
Among the key newcomers are shortstop/catcher Steven Avalos, pitcher/1B Andrew Anthony and OF James Enriquez.


Anonymous said...

its all about the Dawgs I beleive the Dawgs will take it in Basketball and baseball just like they did in Football

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix, Sure would like to hear your comments on Onate and Las Cruces High. Both teams look like they may have something this year.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to "begin a look" at Mayfield, get the players name and positions correct. I can assure you the coaches gave it to your correctly.
First Diego Rodriguez is a pitcher/outfielder, the catcher/DH is JD Ordunez

Keepin it real said...

Its tough to say how mayfield will do...The team is young and inexperienced. If Diego can keep his composure on the mound then double headers will be a breeze for the team. With ace pitcher Michael Ormseth starting the first game its a guaranteed one win double header. But the lack of presence at the plate will determine how their season goes. I think this years district championship will go to Onate. With NMSU commits Randy Montoya and Joe Koerper they will be a tough team to beat. They have so much speed all around the field. Las Cruces high has experience but again lack presence at the plate. Steven Flores is the ace and will be tough for other teams to overcome, but other then Flores bulldawg pitchers are too inexperienced and have yet to prove they can handle the Varsity 5A level.

Anonymous said...

Good points Keepin,
Mayfield will be young this year but has a ton of talent just waiting to make names for themselves. Jordan Bernal did start about a dozen games last year and has a much improved stick.
Clay Beakly at First base will have some dinggers this year as will JD. Tough road schedule to start off the season could be a big factor on the success of this team. From what I hear this team would take two out of three from last years squad.......if thats the case and a lucky bouce here and there, Mayfield will be around come State Tournament time.

Anonymous said...

I think a correction needs to be made to the comment on Mayfield. Diego Rodriguez did very well last year as a Sophomore and will do better this year as a Junior. He was and is the ace on this years squad. Michael Ormseth will be a good complement coming out of the bullpen. Javier Robles will be the number two behind Rodriguez while Ormseth save a few games.

Anonymous said...

Keepin it real, i have to agree with you on Michael Ormseth. He is the ace for this years team and will be throughout the whole season. Diego is good but from what I remember once he gets upset, he's done. He doesnt have as good location as Ormseth, and doesnt seem commited as him. Ormseth is an all around good solid baseball player who can pitch, field, hit and run. I honestly think he and his backup are going to be the team to beat this year!!


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