Saturday, August 16, 2008

Antonio Margarito/Paul Williams

After his thrilling win against Miguel Cotto last month, there has been some speculation about his next fight. It should be against Paul Wiliams, the tall left-hander who handed Margarito a close decision loss last year.

It's the next big welterweight fight after Margarito/Cotto. Apparently there are some issues between Margarito's and Williams' promoter. But this could be a great fight. Margarito came on strong in the first fight with Williams, but Williams handled the early part of the fight because of his boxing skill.

If Margarito and Williams don't fight, then Margarito could fight Joshua Clottey once again. Margarito beat Clottey in a competitive fight a few years back. The rematch could be a good one as well. Clottey just beat Zab Judah.

Who do you think Margarito should fight next?

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Paul Williams would be a great fight. I really don't think Margarito cares who fights him. In all reality if he wants respect he better fight Williams. If he starts out faster than he did last time he will walk away with the win.

I.C. said...

I didnt see the first williams fight, but I think it would be a good one for Margarito to focus on and avenge the loss. I did zee the Judah and Clottey fight and was not at all impressed with either of them.

somebody said...