Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NMSU football

Ok, with the 2008 football season upon us, here are a few questions for you Aggie fans.

Which new offensive player will have the biggest impact?
WR Julius Fleming
WR Marcus Anderson
RB Seth Smith
RB Marquell Colston
OL Joe Suder

Which area of the team will need to make the most improvement?
Special Teams

Which game are you looking forward to the most at AMS?
Boise State
New Mexico

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I feel as though all three of those games will be exciting, but UNM is most important they will set the tone for the year. We have been so close to beating them I think we will get over that hump this year. It will also be the biggest game attendance wise can't wait for football.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Anderson will have a breakout year.

Both the Defense and SP teams MUST be better if we want to play in late December, AKA, Bowl Game!

I still think we need to sweep BOTH ou rivals in order for the attendance to improve and to have a great following!

It's a tough task.
We haven't won at the Sun Bowl since 1994!!
UNM has owned us FIVE straight years.

This is the year where we must become a winning program and it starts with 3-1 record going into conference play!!
Go Aggies!

somebody said...