Saturday, August 23, 2008

First prep games coming up

Next Friday night is approaching and all of the area high schools get started on the gridiron.

Mayfield probably has the hardest challenge. The Trojans start the season in the Sun Bowl against El Paso Chapin, a team with plenty of talent at the skill positions.

The Trojans need to find a way to neutralize Chapin's skill people and that's by controlling the clock on offense and finding a way to create some turnovers.

Las Cruces High and Onate have easier first games against El Paso Bel Air and El Paso El Dorado. The Knights need a big outing in week 1 to gain some momentum for the rest of the season.

LCHS simply needs to play well and get an improved effort on defense. It will be interesting to see how the defense plays in the opener after last year's final two games in which it struggled.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I really don't know if Bel Air is as easy as everyone thinks. They started a lot of sophmores last year and they have alot of talent returning. Onate better not sleep on them. Bel Air brings a power running game and all Onate has seen through the summer and their scrimmage is the passing game. As a matter of fact I think Bel Air beat them at 7on7 in Socorro over the summer so Onate better be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the rankings coming out of el paso, it looks like Eldorado is the toughest team of the three. They are ranked 5th, while Chapin is 10th and Bel Air comes in at 14th.

Anonymous said...

Preseason rankings are really just garbage.
Don't know how any of the games will shake out Friday, but as of right now, everyone's undefeated.

It's fun to pontificate, but none of it really matters anyway until district opens.

Anonymous said...

Pontificate, great use of a word that most might not understand. Most people pontificate about football at this time of year.I guess that's what makes football season so fun.

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