Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Charles Gleghorn and Kirtland Central

I talked to former Hatch Valley High School football coach Charles Gleghorn on Sunday night as he prepared for his first practice as the head coach at Kirtland Central.

He said the team has adjusted well to his style of football, which is mostly passing attack. He was hired in March to take over the program.

Gleghorn said the team has a good group of seniors and has some good young players coming up as well.

Kirtland Central plays its opener against Blanding, Utah.

Gleghorn was a successful coach at Hatch Valley, winning state titles in Class 2A in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The move to 4A Kirtland Central is a step up for him in many ways. The Broncos play in a good district up there with Aztec and Piedra Vista.

Gleghorn said he'd love to play teams from this part of the state. The Broncos are playing Silver this year, but he said he'd like to play a Mayfield, Onate or Las Cruces High down the road.

- Felix


TerrazasgoesforSteelers said...

Trust me, Kirtland will have wins and respect from their coach! I used to be a student of Gleghorn and I can tell you, this man loves this sport. He told me its all about good plays and good PLAYERS. He reminds me alot of Mean Joe Greene! This man has known this sport, so he will get them a title. Hatch sure does miss him! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Charles Gleghorn expects to win a state championship coaching a 4A high school just because he won 3 other state titles while coaching a 2A school! That is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. When Charles Gleghorn comes and plays a real football team like one of the Las Cruces schools and actually wins, then I'll give the man high five! Until then, he is just another coach that wasn't wanted in Hatch anymore!

Anonymous said...

You call a las cruces teams real football team. You better go back check your self becuase I would like to see a las cruces team go against some tx team and I'm not talking about el paso schools. So you sit here and talk about charles when you cant even compete with those schools from tx and like i said not El paso school either but when you beat one ill give you a high five.

somebody said...