Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5A Football Playoff 1st Round Predictions

No. 8 Manzano 44, No. 9 Cibola 20
No. 5 La Cueva 28, Alamogordo 9
No. 6 Sandia 35, No. 11 Hobbs 7
No. 7 Rio Rancho 30, No. 10 Highland 21


Anonymous said...

Can't argue with you on your scores other then thinking La Cueva might win by more.

I kind of thought Onate should of been in there instead of Hobbs.

Is there a reason they took Hobbs, such as they had to? Or did Onate get snubbed? I don't know how it works. Was Hobbs the district runnerup and had to get an invite? More questions then answers I guess, but to get four of five teams in from this district probably wasn't deserved anyway.

Anonymous said...

This year the district runner-up is not an automatic bid.
Hobbs won 4 games on the year including 3A Lovington and 4A doormat Roswell.
They didn't really deserve a bid, especially having a loss to Onate, who was 5-5 and beat Hobbs in Hobbs.

Guess the political machine just picks who it thinks. All three teams from 'Cruces wouldn't set well with all the Albuquerque types.

Anonymous said...

Regardless Onate did not deserve to get in. Their pre-district schedule was week with the exception of Sandia. They had their chance to make a statement this year and blew it because of to many individuals on their team and a lack of discipline. Followed by no leadership and way to many egos who couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about all the stuff but to say Hobbs deserved to be in over Onate is a stretch. Especially when you look at head to head. Onate beat Hobbs in Hobbs. That clinches it for me.

I thought Mayfield could've got the 3 seed instead of the 4th seed. But if they get an extra inch against Eldorado and stop Cruces then they wouldn't of left it up to the seeding group.

Anonymous said...

Mayfield should and is #4 seed. If they had beat Eldorado and Cruces, then by out right shoul be #1 seed. The toss up is between Cruces and Eldorado. They both beat Mayfield but Cruces should have the edge on Eldorado. The only sad thing about the seeding is that it should be a LCHS vs MHS semi-final. It would have been nice to see them in the Championship. Good luck to both teams. Very well deserving on both teams.

Anonymous said...