Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Mexico State/Boise State follow

Wow, what a loss for New Mexico State on Saturday against Boise State. An absolute disappointing loss, 49-0, to the No. 11 Broncos.

Boise State is very good in all phases of the game and is well coached. The Aggies are now 3-5 on the season and in danger of having another poor season.

Where does the team go from here? Well, they get Hawaii at home next week and a loss there could mean curtains for the season.

What do you fans feel about the direction of the program?

- Felix


Anonymous said...

As long as Mumme is the coach, the direction of the program is going south!!

Isn't Mumme supposed to be this offensive genius?
Maybe at the Pop Warner level but, not at the D1 level.

He was run out of town at Kentucky and had a second chance at NMSU to redeem himself and has taken us nowhere.
Once we fire him, he will NEVER be a D1 head coach.

Anonymous said...

I've been following NMSU since the early 90's and our expectations are pretty simple.
Beat our rivals, get of couple of WAC wins and be competitive. That's all we ask for.

Boise is very good but, to be outscored 107-0 in the last two games or, lose six in a row to UNM or, lose games you should (Idaho) win, C'mon!!

Mumme can't coach and he certainly, can't manage a game. He gets out coached on a regular basis.

Boston hired him and no AD want's to fire "his" guy but, at a certain point you have to eat a little crow and do what's best for the program, right?

Chase, CW and this group of Seniors is one of the best we've ever had and if he can't win with them, he will never win without them!!

You feel bad for the players but, we need to make a mid season change to JL Dunn and maybe, he can salvage the season.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing that upset me the most was how we attacked this game. Ok so you know that you more than likely wont beat them but at least try to do something. Running the ball was the stupidest thing to do. I mean yeah it would have been good to take time off the clock by just running it and preventing them from going on offense. But that works if we can actually run the ball! All these excuses that we did because we're banged up are pathetic. If your offensive line is banged up and your running back is out then why even bother running it? You still have your quarterback and receivers so let them try and make some plays, you run the Air Raid offense for God sakes.

However, I do agree with Mumme on not bothering to try a field goal when we were in their territory. Hughes missed a FG last week and before practice he wasnt hitting anything very well. He missed his only PAT attempt wide right so I think he did the right thing by not going with him at all.

The sad thing is that we still have the chance of going to a bowl. After this weekend I dont know if we will even manage to get a win though because of how our opponents played against each other. We just have to get rid of Mumme for sure


IC said...

This team was so poorly prepared it was shameful. Not even the distinguished alumni were in the house. Coach Dumme said after the game that the plan was to tire out the BSU D by running the ball early.

How do you tire out a d when your O goes 3 & out on its first few posessions?

I think he was trying to sabotage the D and Dunn since they have gotten all the positive pub. in the last few weeks. Chase had 64 yards passing(all in the first half) on a team that he had over 500 the last time they were in LC(remember, that team went on to beat OU in the Fiesta Bowl.)

This was the first tim we've been shut out at home in 12 years.

BSU is a great team, but they have given up 11 points and almost 300 yds a game. Dumme's air raid got us 0 pts and 150 yds with 93 of those in the first half, that means we had 57 yds in the second half.

A whopping 2.0 yds per play!

Dumme said "our guys won't quit." My question/plea to him is, will you? PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

I have been an Aggie fan for a long time and I agree with anon. 11:54 and our simple expecations.

I will add that in all my years, we have never had attendance issues threaten our D1 status until Mumme arrived!
Isn't his brand of FB supposed to put people in the stands??!

We will be lucky to avg 10,000 fans the next two games!
Our D1 status is in serious threat thanks to this laughing stock of a coach.

The guy is an arrogant, pompous, SOB. Who doesn't even know who his defensive players are and knows nothing but excuses!

Go to Hell Mumme!!

Anonymous said...

The last time NMSU was shut out at home was in 1996. That was also the last year, Jim Hess coached the aggies.
I think Mumme has only 4 games left and hopefully less!

Mumme has brought nothing but shame to NMSU. Remember the religious discrimination lawsuit??
It cost the university thousands of dollars!!
Money that could have been used for recruiting or facilities was given because he's a religious bigot!

Dr. Boston should be ashamed of himself for not firing him sooner!!

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end for Coach Mumme and Co.? When the process begins to hire a new coach,how about letting the alumni,fans,and community have a say in who gets the job? Except maybe for Tony Samuel,the AD/president have made poor choices as to who will lead NMSU football.Still,one has to ask the question-is there ANY D-1 program that has gone through so many coaches and still not turn their program around? IMHO,I think it's time that our football program do some serious-and I mean SERIOUS-soul searching and investigation before another coach is hired!!-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

I think we should as a community let people know what we think. I could only locate the email address to Matt Mumme, the so called Offesive Coordinator.

Does anybody have Dr. Bostons or Shallow Hal's email address? Please post it if you do.

Anonymous said...

Las Cruces has supported Mumme in every aspect.
From the religious discrimination lawsuit, to the 0-12 train wreck, to supporting the TETWP!
Everything Mumme did, we supported.

He was brought in too put up points, wins and fans in the stands.
He has done nothing but embarass the community!!

Maybe he should go to the Mayfield/ Cruces game to see how a FB program is run!!

Bye, bye, loser!!

Anonymous said...

Please visit the website that some football boosters started.
Here you will be able to call and e-mail BOSTON the AD personally. All this can be done anonymously.
Will have hal the LOSER mumme info up on the site ASAP. We haved tried everything its time for the harrasment stage and hope we don't have to start and run him out of town as well.

Anonymous said... Check it out a legitimate website. Well Done!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix is there anything that can be done about our blogs here? I was just looking at the firehallmumme blog and a good portion of these comments are there as well. I know I didnt put my comment on their page and I dont think other people copy and pasted theirs either. I dont mind so much but I just didnt like browsing and coming across all these comments that were posted here.

Anonymous said...

so.....when is NMSU moving to D2 football

somebody said...