Sunday, November 30, 2008

NMSU's bad effort at Utah State

Well, the New Mexico State Aggies football team ended with a whimper on Saturday afternoon with a 47-2 loss at Utah State. New Mexico State ends its season 3-9 and lost its last seven straight.

NMSU has been competitive despite its losing streak, but to score just two points against a preetty bad Utah State defense is sad. There aren't any excuses for a lack of effort and while I wasn't present in Logan, Utah, it appears some of the Aggies might have mailed it in.

It's a sad way for the seniors, i.e. Chris Willams, Derrick Richardson and Chase Holbrook to go out.

Athletics Director McKinley Boston has been taking a long look at the program and the program needs a lot of work.

Head coach Hal Mumme put a lot of stock in his senior class and while it has some entertaining moments, the bottom line is that the Aggies only won 11 games in four years.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Felix - Do you have the transcript of the press conference and Mumme's comments after the game? If so, please post them.

Anonymous said...

For the few Mumme supporters still out there.
Is a 47-2 loss to a horrible Utah St. enough reason to can this joke of a coach?!
Since Mumme has been here, we've finished dead last, seventh, second to last and now, dead last in the nine team WAC!!

If you can't win with Chase, CW and a very good senior group; Your not going to win at all.

Goodbye, to the most arrogant and pathetic coach in NMSU's history!!

Anonymous said...

I still think that Mike Knoll was worse-but this guy's a close second!!!

Anonymous said...

The game Saturday was a Mike Knoll era type performance. 21-0 before the game got started, never had a shot. Made a 2-9 team look like Boise St.

Anonymous said...

So how did the Thankgiving break negatively affect the team, Mumme?

You would think if there were less students on campus, there should be less distractions and should have no prolem getting them focused, right?

Admit it Mumme,
Your a joke of a coach, and aren't MAN enough to shoulder any responsibility!!

Adios, and please take the Village Idiot (Greg Harrod) with you!!!

Anonymous said...

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