Monday, November 3, 2008

Aggie Football

After Saturday's 49-0 loss to Boise State, fans of New Mexico State football are showing their anger. Comments on my blog, on my story and through conversations with fans there is plenty of disappointment to go around.

The Aggies won a big game at Nevada to start league play and then gave San Jose State a respectable game the following week.

But a miserable performance at Idaho and a listless showing against Boise State has put the Aggies season on the brink of destruction if it isn't already there.

New Mexico State is 3-5 on the year and takes on 4-5 Hawaii this Saturday at Aggie Memorial Stadium. This game is NMSU's last stand in some ways. A win here and the Aggies at least have some hope the rest of the way.

A loss here and the team could very well see it's season spiral downward even worse than it seems right now.

The loss to Boise St. wasn't unexpected, but it seemed as if some of the team seemed to be in a fog for much of the game. There didn't seem to be much confidence or emotion.

That has to change this week, otherwise Hawaii could come into Las Cruces and get an easy win.

Plus, let's be honest, the future of head coach Hal Mumme is on the line. That's why the Hawaii game is big for him and the future of his tenure here.

There have been a lot of factors as to why the Aggies have struggled the past two weeks in particular, injuries, lack of execution, poor offensive line play, turnovers, etc. The bottom line is the Aggies are 3-5 and are facing a make or break game against Hawaii. A win and maybe the team gets to 5 or 6 wins, a loss and it's hard to imagine the team winning more than one more if one at all.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Will someone at the sun news become a real journalist. You guys are partly to blame for this mess hal mummedumme. Please start to put pressure on the adminstration to do something instead of printing sorry excuses. Let me guess felix is scared that he will be not liked by the football coaches.Real journalist write what people want and we want the sun news sports to step up put pressure on hal mumme, his staff, and boston to make a danm change. Until then you all will be loser beat writers with no back bone, with maybe the worst sports section in the region. Qiut be scared and do your job.

Anonymous said... is a great site. It has a place to cantact boston personally by e-mail or phone. Lets get this site out there so people can contact boston themselves and voice their concerns.

Anonymous said...

If all you Aggie fans wnat to see some winning programs i suggest you go to the LCHS vs. Mayfeild game friday at the stadium. It will be sold out and you won't have to waste your time and money on Saturday watching hal mumme circus show. Boycott all remaining Aggie Football games. Why waste your money and if you are given free tickets say no thanks i don't want to waste mine or my kids time watching a team that is so bad.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the sun news picked up on the Boise paper covered it as well as the ALBQ. journal the real paper of NEW MEXICO.

Anonymous said... the BEST. Good work whoever came up with that.

Anonymous said...

Here we freaken go again giving hal the loser another shot, regardless of the outcome of this weeks hal has to go. Too little to late and never enough!

IC aka Fire Dumme said...

Felix, will someone please write an article with an update of the finalists when Dumme was hired and give us a progress report on where they are. A "what could have been story." I remember some decent names on that list. If I'm not mistaken Dick Tomey was one, and for some reason Jerry Glanville come to mind.

The question now is who would want this job even if Dr. Boston finally man's up to the problem and fires his boy.

I for one will be there with my family ringing our cowbells and Chanting Fire Mumme every chance I get!

Everyone, please visit

Anonymous said...

Coach Turner Gill at Buffalo applied and was turned down to hire Dumme!

He's in his 3rd season and is taking Buffalo to a bowl this year. He's also a former player at Nebraska and the kids love his pedigree.

How about former UT QB, Major Applewhite?
He's risng up quickly in the coaching and could get this thing turned around rather quickly!

Fire Dumme said...

Major will be a coach in the Big 12 soon. Maybe Baylor or Iowa St. Given his time at UT and everything if he came it would be a Theus type stint.

Even though we've beat utep the last two years, Coach Turner Gill and Buffalo crushed them!

I only saw the KDBC 4 newscast and they did do a story on, did anyone else see if the other stations picked up on it?

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Major Applewhite is only around for two years.

We need the next younger version of Saban, Meyer, etc. to come in here, give us some Reggie type energy and get us out of the WAC toilet bowl!!

Anonymous said...