Thursday, November 27, 2008

Intriguing note

In a story in the Orange County Register, UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said he has spoken with New Mexico State and Utah State regarding head coaching jobs.

Utah State's Brent Guy is out at Utah State, while no formal word has come from New Mexico State about head coach Hal Mumme. NMSU is 3-8 this year and has won 11 games in Mumme's total time as the Aggies coach.

Mumme still has one year left on his five-year deal. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It's all speculation until Monday when Mumme gets canned.
DeWayne Walker is a big recruiter in California and would certainly bring some pretty good kids to Las Cruces.
Boise St. has built there program on California recruits.

Again, it's all speculation right now but, it looks like we are in the right track with a young up & coming coach!!
Let's see what the next few days and weeks bring.

Anonymous said...

Well we officially just lost to Utah State. I hope the press conference is scheduled for 8:00 am on Monday. I swear that I will lose my mind if Mumme still manages to have his job beyond Monday.

Anonymous said...

More likely Tuesday or Wednesday. Boston McKinley will want to follow what he has said right along, and meet with Mumme after the season before making the decision official. I figure that will take a couple of days.

The USU game was another depressing one. Aggie offense failed to show up for the game. Play calling was at best, questionable.

Anonymous said...