Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aggies lose another O-lineman

New Mexico State offensive tackle Patrick Blount is doubtful for Saturday's home game against Hawaii. He has a foot injury that has slowed him down. He may just miss one game. Senior guard Polo Gutierrez was getting reps at right tackle and David Norman was getting reps at left tackle.

Also, running back Marquell Colston and receiver Marcus Anderson practiced on Tuesday and looked solid.

- Felix


Fire dumme said...

Great dumme has another excuse.

Anonymous said...

Mumme tried to tire BSU by running the ball with a non-existent running game.

So what's the genius planning this week? Is he going to say "BOO" and hope UH high tails it? The single T?

I'll be at the game to support the team and to watch the pathetic game plan this idiot has in store!!

Watching him try to coach is like watching a skit from Comedy Central!

Anonymous said...

Man, you people are mean.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which member of the Mumme family/staff left the last post?

Anonymous said...

it was probably mumme himself that posetd the least comment

Anonymous said...