Monday, November 17, 2008

Mumme's future

Phillip Fulmer is gone at Tennessee, Tyrone Willingham is gone at Washington and Greg Robinson is out at Syracuse.

It's my guess that Hal Mumme will be gone at NMSU sometime in the coming days. The Aggies fell out of bowl contention with Saturday's loss to Fresno State and Mumme has won just 11 games in four years.

The Aggies have two games left against Louisiana Tech and Utah State and the best the team can do is go 5-7.

But NMSU hasn't made the progress on the field that was expected at least in terms of wins and there has been a great deal of speculation in recent weeks that Mumme's future at the school was in jepoardy.

Also, Utah State's Brent Guy future in Logan appears to be settled. He will likely not return in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Mumme's pride and joy was his offense. The Air Raid has become, Air Anemic as it only averages under 19 points a game.

He promised a lot when he came in and the only thing he brought was negative press to NMSU.
Begining with the religious discrimination lawsuit, 0-12 campaign and a 6-36 record vs. D1 schools!!

The reason the athletic dept. is in trouble is because NMSU is still paying off that lawsuit. Thanks to Mumme, the other coaches aren't allowed to spend on recruiting!
Dr. Boston should garnish his wages until the lawsuit is paid in full!!

Get lost loser and take that idiot, Greg Harrod with you!!!


Anonymous said...

Better sooner than later. Hurry up so we could move on.

Anonymous said...

Thank God He was the worst coach

Anonymous said...

Rocky Long stepped down because it was in the best interest of the program! What an honorable thing to do! Wow!

Mumme should learn a thing or two from the coach that has PUNKED him around for the past four years and step down!!
However, his arrogance @$$ will never step down and needs to FIRED!!

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Long would replace Mumme?!

Anonymous said...

Boston and Mumme both need to be fired.

Anonymous said...

Boston really screwed up when he hired mumme.
The guy has a 31-62 record as a D1 coach!!!
However, he is 77-38 as an NAIA and DII coach.

Let's ask Dr. Boston the question:
How do you expect NMSU to compete as a D1 school when it is being run like a DII school???

I'm also pretty dissapointed that he has not fired mumme because, "he will evaluate him after the season."
His 6-36 D1 record, 4-26 WAC record and anemic offense speaks for it's self!!

What's there to evalaute?

Also, I see Mumme wants to finish the job he started.
Haven't you embarrased NMSU and the community enough?!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope who ever replaces Mumme, will recruit in town, in state players. There are a hand full of players from all three local schools that could help out this Aggie team. Maybe some of Mumme's players will go too, cause they have the same attitude that he does. Remember, attitude reflects leadership, and that's one thing Mumme doesn't have.

Anonymous said... Coming Soon!!!!!! (He has displayed the lack of ability to do his job here @ NMSU)

Anonymous said...

So..what can we do as loyal Aggie alumni if Dr. Boston choses to keep Hal Mumme for the duration of his contract?Will this community be willing to suffer though another season of second-rate college football in order to save some money?Do we boycott football next year? Any suggestions,Mr. Sports Editor(s)?

Anonymous said...

Please. Las Cruces has suffered through subpar college football for 30 years. The stadium is already empty, boycotting won't do any good, people have essentially been boycotting the entire time except for Lobo and Miner games.

It's a hard job, it's under funded, has horrible tradition and is an uphill battle. Mumme didn't get it done but he tried. He took on a job nobody else has been able to complete either.

The guy that came the closest is who they fired to hire Mumme and that was Tony Samuel. This job is a coach's graveyard.

They'll have applicants, they'll hire someone, he'll try hard and he'll probably fail too. There something more wrong at NMSU football then who the coach is.

Anonymous said...

outside of hall, and caro who can help out the football team from local schools? the 5 foot 5 running back from mayfield? or the 5 foot 6 QB? or the 200 pound offensive linemen? or maybe the QB at onate that cant throw the ball more than 30 yards? nothing against these players, they are GREAT high school players without a doubt but anyone with any knowledge of the game knows they wouldnt get it done at the D1 level. mumme (new coach) needs to recruit more local kids but be realistic there is 1 or 2 kids every year not a handful.

Anonymous said...

The Ordunez kid from Mayfield has good size and plays the game pretty well, The Daugherty kid from Onate, even though he's just a junior is a real playmaker and will play at the next level.

That's not to mention the kids from Clovis, Artesia, Albuquerque, El Paso that can play at this level, and will have a fan following.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Boston-if it was up to me,I would buy out Coach Mumme's contract at 30% of its worth-which is just about the amount of winning that the program has generated under his watch.Got Cajones?...

Anonymous said...

It's a waste of money to buy Mumme out. When multiple people fail to do a job it's not the fault of the people, it's the system they are working in. No football coach at NMSU in 20 odd years has put back to back winning seasons together. NMSU is not capable of supporting a D1 football program and needs to move down. Then they can recruit all this supposed local D1 talent and get their butts beat bye even less talented teams.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to clear something up. NMSU does have local talent on the team!Chris Williams as Wide Reciever, Biamonte at safety, Ross Conner at linebacker, Ryan Franzoy at Tight End, Doug McDaniel at Reciever, Spencer Diaz, Brian Meed, Randy Franzoy, Drew Thatcher, all New Mexico boys! The problem with this asswhole is that he truly believes that his Louisaina and Texas recuits are better athletes just by where they are from and not thier talent on the field... Look for great things from De Wayne Walker!!

Anonymous said...